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bird watching – serious business


You sit around for days to get a shot and when you finally take it there is another bird watcher in the way ruining your shot.

Sneaky Snake

Bird watcher watcher?


lol, not in Florida waters they don’t!


All that sitting and waitng for a birdto take a pic of? Hope the magazines/museums/nature things you’re sending the pics to at least pays well.


Id probably do this job if the flash from my camera guaranteed blindness to those birds.

Brevity Truta

“For 2,000 years, the Chinese have been using the iridescent blue feathers of kingfisher birds as an inlay for fine art objects and adornment, from hairpins, headdresses, and fans to even panels and screens. While Western art collectors have focused on other areas of Chinese art including porcelain, lacquer ware, sculpture, cloisonné, silk and paintings, kingfisher art is relatively unknown outside of China. Called tian-tsui (“dotting with kingfishers”), kingfisher feathers are painstakingly cut and glued onto gilt silver. The effect is like cloisonné, but no enamel could rival the electric blue color. Blue is the traditional favorite color in China.… Read more »


Man how bout being the guy who took the pic, and had to sit there all those “hours, or even days on end” just to take a picture of the guy taking the real bird picture.


The bird is shopped in. So is the water.


I got a question. I watch birds. Just dont take the trouble to identify them. Where’s the fun in that.

But this fellow… he’s sitting in water. Looking at the bird through a spotting scope. Not a camera. You can easily see the bird from dry land, sitting in your camping chair. Must be shopped.