What Is It?

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    what isn’t it?


    An oxymoron? Looks kind of like one of these (at the very top)
    www.hdps.org/htm/2-4-1.htm Colt M16A1, with a bunch of add on bs. Why the 100rd Beta C mag with the inline scopes?




    that is a good gun in rainbow 6 vegas 2


    a fancy mullet ora mullet for a suicidal kid or perhaps a anvy mullet you know one that can be used in a war.


    It’s an airsoft gun replica of an M4 variant, with three flashlights, and a mega magazine.


    Whatever it is, I’m sure it doesn’t fire actual bullets. Probably Airsoft, like Kaze says.


    “What is it?”

    Full of unnecessary crap?


    The firearm porn equivalent of Pam Anderson — prior to her PFD removal.


    I’m gonna go with Error401 on this one. While it could be an airsoft replica, most airsoft replicas replicate the more common variants of the weapon in question.

    So my guess is this is a full auto M16A1 with C mag and brass catcher attachment. The barrel appears to either have been retrofitted with a heavier version, or is silenced.

    The inline sights make no sense unless the forward one is for night vision, in which case I’d say one of the flashlights is infrared. Add to that a laser sight, regular flashlight, vertical fore grip and voila!

    You have one really overdone stealth night ops enhanced machine sniper rifle… ROFL… Sheesh…


    It’s clearly not airsoft and it’s clearly a civilian M16A2 clone. The rear sight tells us it’s A2 or newer, the fact that the carrying handle is fixed to the upper reciever tells us it’s not an A3 or A4. The long barrel without flash hider and the lack of a bayonet lug tells us it’s a civilian version, probably semi auto. The magnifying scope sitting on the rear part of the bi-level rail looks like an american copy of a Schmidt & Bender scope and in front of it sits an Aimpoint Comp M2 (or ML2) on a cantilever mount. The magazine is a Beta-C 100 round magazine, above that we see a brass catcher bag. Under the rail, around the front carrying handle there is sling mount velcroed on. Under the front handguard there is some sort of vertical grip with a rail under it; either a tri-rail or a straight rail with a tri-rail adapter under it. On that there sits two flashlights I can’t place the exact make of on the left side and under it. On the right side sits some kind of civilan clone of a PAQ4 or other LAM with a flashlight on it also.


    My bad, the magnifying scope is a Nikon Omega, I couldn’t be assed to look at the larger view of the image until after I posted. 🙁


    tripolar : PFD removal? Say it isn’t so!


    come on man its gotta be in air soft check out the airsoft bb laying on the floor to the bottom right thats pretty big coinsidince or is it


    M-16, possibly an AR-15. hard to tell from that angle. But what do I know… I’m an HK man. LOL


    Isnt it an m4a1?


    No, my mistake also, not an M4A1, or an M16, the foregrips are wrong, I think Supernaut is right, (besides misidentifying perhaps the only easily identifiable component on the weapon… LOL) Definitely an M16A2 variant, though I would still not so easily rule out the possibility of it being a very well done Airsoft replica…


    Hey Supernaut, stop whacking off with barrel lube long enuf to realize that you are PATHETIC. No, seriously, you need to get a LIFE. Dude, all the guns in the world will not compensate for your inverted penis. Spend a little less cash on firearms and more on enlargement surgery and you might, I repeat MIGHT get laid. Then again, you could be so damn fugly that a fistfull of fifties in a whorehouse couldn’t get you some. Whatever.


    Sheesh garbledx, why don’t you tell us how you really feel. I don’t think your last post was clear enough on that point…


    uhm…all debates aside, this is clearly an airsoft rifle on steroids. As someone pointed out previously, there is a day-glo yellow BB in the bottom right hand corner of pic. Plus look at how cheap and PLASTIC the attachments look…specially the wanna be PEQ and assortment of flashlights. Seen all these components on sale on ebay.

    Teutonic Logic

    talk about unnessicarly kitted out. I count 3 conventional flashlights and an IR, what is the point of that, all the functionality of the weapon has been removed. How much does that weigh?


    it looks like an M4A1 with a sniper scope and a assault scope, 3 flashlights.. a cartridge extension, a stability grip and some other “upgrades” that i can’t see.. it looks cool, but it’s completely useless

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