The Day the Earth Stood Still

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    tiki god

    Is being remade with Keano Reeves

    Alec Dalek

    Well the alien in the movie was kinda wooden, so what the heck, it may work.




    wooden maybe, but also intelligent. Keanu would make a good Gort.


    Klaatu Barada Nikto!


    You know, I was thinking about that a few days ago. If the world were to suddenly stop turning, inertia would keep the oceans and atmosphere going and most of mankind would probably die from the massive tsunamis and wind storms that ensued.

    Newton’s first law would rape humanity out the ass XD

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    if the earth was stopped we’d all die from smashing into the nearest wall at 1000 mph. And having one side in the sun for a full 24 hours would permanently screw up the environment.
    Klaatu was a dick.


    ok, smarty pants what if i happened to be in the most comfortable pillow factory at the time? What about that?


    Not to mention the fact that gravity would be doing some weird ass shit to our internal organs. And probably external ones, too.

    But, as I said earlier: TWENTY FUCKING STARS


    I think the “standing still” in the title is metaphorical…you know, for the fact that he shut off all power and machines everywhere on the planet as a show of power. Otherwise, yeah, the Earth stopping instantly would suck huge balls.


    I just looked at the poster again, and I think it would be hilarious if they remade the movie so that it was just a giant alien hand that stopped the earth. I bet Keanu would have a hard time screwing up being a hand.


    Oh man, I had an epic dream the other day.

    I was at high school again (not my school in particular, but I knew it was a school), and something tragic had happened. They were relaying the news anchor over the intercom so everyone was kept in the loop. Apparently some alien ships had been flying over a few major cities. The people around me had all the ranges of emotion – some were excited to see aliens, some were scared, some were nervous, etc.

    At one point we had to evacuate the school (like a fire drill) out into the big parking lot. As we were walking outside, one of the ships went flying overhead, at a pretty low altitude. It looked kinda like one of the X-wings from Star Wars, but with a huge laser cannon on the front. I made the remark “They don’t look peaceful to me, look at that huge cannon! hhahah”

    The intercom outside was still broadcasting the news anchor’s words. One had just landed in Washington D.C. This was the point where everyone’s questions would be answered – were they hostile? Were we all about to die? Were they here to give us space cake?

    Then I woke up, and The Day The Earth Stood Still was on TV, and I realized that this news anchor whose voice had been playing over the speakers was the news anchor in the movie, during the part right before the ship landed.

    I had a dream of a modern version of a part of this movie. Pretty awesome.


    The new plot centers around global warming. Basically, Klaatu warns the people of earth that if we don’t stop destroying our planet, Gort will destroy our planet. This one will tank just like Hitchhiker’s Guide and I Robot.


    you had me at Klaatu

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