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Nice Kill.

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    Should I wait for the anonymous jokes or should I just point out that those little cowards don’t have the balls to show their faces when making that (quite amusing) joke?


    Bugs Bunny-Its Duck Season
    Daffy Duck-Its Wabbit Season



    Ahahahahahhahhahahhaahd awesome. Wallpaper’d. (well it would be if it was high rezz)

    While I disagree with animal cruelty, Peta is/are a bunch of assholes.


    They LOOK proud… but where’d their faces go?


    They’re hiding their faces because they fear retaliation from the militant bunny organization.


    That would have been priceless if they’d had V masks on.

    Alec Dalek

    Best posting ever! Suck it Peta!


    This really isn’t that funny. But, yeah, fuck PETA.

    Really, just not funny.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    I agree with RSIxidor. PETA might be a bunch of hypocritical assholes, but that doesn’t make animal cruelty any more right. I bet those two guys chortled at their own wit and incalculable masculinity for using what looks like automatic rifles to kill a bunch of rabbits (most of which, I’m sure, they’ll just leave to rot) and arranging them into a sign. Yea, good job, big guys. You really showed your qualities.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Shooting rabbits is not animal cruelty. Rabbits are pests. In areas where their natural predators have been chased off, they can breed out of control and need to have their population controlled.
    I really doubt they were left to rot either. Rabbit meat if tasty and you can still make a few bucks by selling the pelts.


    They most likely did not have enough space for all of these. At least some of them were likely left.

    These do not look like sportsman, they look like slaughterers.

    If we hadn’t killed off most of the natural predators, it wouldn’t be as much of an issue.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Uncle Jimbo and Ned.


    Nemo Intermundorum

    @The Matrix: Rebooted First of all, killing something is cruel because that something usually resents it. However, I agree that hunting for food is both natural and often necessary. This is just conjecture, but I don’t think that they were hunting for food. As for rabbits being pests – that is a purely anthropocentric and subjective opinion. They are a required part of the ecosystem. The only reason that they got out of control is, as RSIxidor mentioned, because humans have already disrupted the ecosystem to the point that it destabilized. Again, maybe I’m wrong and these rabbits were not… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @RSIxidor 1) I am 100% sure that all of those would fit easily in any pickup truck. You can sell rabbit pelts for at least $20, so leaving them is just leaving money on the ground. 2)Wow, you can read someone’s mind from a blurry picture. 3)Maybe it would have been better if people didn’t create the problem in the first place. But they did, so now we have to deal with it. Letting animal populations run out of control will lead to MORE dead bunnies, not less. BTW most top level predators (including Mountain Lions) are making a come… Read more »


    Well, if I’m ever up to my eyeballs in rabbits, I know who to call. BTW, they could have killed them with fire, but didn’t.


    19 dead coyotes can fit into the trunk of a Jetta!


    You soft ass cry baby types have obvious never lived where rabbits rule the land. I dodge at least 7 rabbits on average every morning driving to work here in Colorado….and thats on the same street. They are pests in large numbers as previously stated, and one could kill just as many pictured in less than a few hours around here. I’m not saying bunny genocide is right or wrong, but it’s really not going to put them on the endangered species list any time soon.


    a la the idiom “to breed like rabbits”.


    Those creatures look like nothing more than your average rabbit or jack rabbit. If that’s thee case, these guys could spend the next decade of their combined lives hunting down as many of these animals as they could possibly find, and they would not put a dent into the population. There’s a reason the phrase “breed like a rabbit” exists. You’re crazy if you don’t think you could fit all of those 45 or so rabbits in the picture inside of a car trunk, much less the bed of a pickup truck. And let’s say, just for the sake argument,… Read more »


    Nemo Intermundorum said:

    “As for rabbits being pests – that is a purely anthropocentric and subjective opinion. They are a required part of the ecosystem.”

    That is the most idiotic statement made in this thread. How can you type that shit out and not figure out how stupid you are?

    And, FOR FUCK SAKE, you made the assumptions so have to prove them. That is the way it works. If you can’t prove your assumptions, then don’t spill them all around the Internet.


    My real point was more on the level of sportsmanship behavior.

    I know that a lot of animals are pests, entirely understood, regardless of what has or hasn’t happened to the predators. Some way to control their population is needed for some areas, I just wish there was a different way. But I can’t even smell meat cooking without a gag reflex, so that’s me.

    The rifles look like than they need to hunt rabbits.


    Those look alot like Jack Rabbits. Edible but gamey. Stew em up and I don’t think they are that bad.


    peta DOES suck… but…
    =( poor bunnies


    No, seriously: 19! In the trunk of a Jetta! Can’t imagine how many of them stringy little buggers would fit . . .


    Mmmmmm cute things just taste better!

    The Dude

    I am sorry but this is not considered animal cruelty. I think peta should be concerned with furry nut cruelty… what is furry nut cruelty you ask? Well its when you have a hairy ass nut sack and you beat the hell out of them until they give up and spit out dna.. har har motha fuckers get a life


    Some of you have only seen rabbits in a pet store.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    @unknown I’m not going to lower myself to just calling you names back, but I will defend my opinion. My assumptions are based on the facts I stated in the penultimate sentence of my post, and my invitation to prove me wrong was and still is open to anyone with rational conclusions to the contrary. As for my statement that rabbits are a natural part of the ecosystem – I still believe that is so. Annoyance of people wanting to protect their flower gardens aside, the only way animals or plants can be scientifically labelled as pests or weeds, respectively,… Read more »


    killing jews is not cruelty. jews=pests. since they have been chased out of their natural habitat they have been breeding like crazy and hording all of the moneys and entertainment if only some guy would come around and fix the pests…


    @ Nemo Intermundorum “Annoyance of people wanting to protect their flower gardens aside” Again, cereal crops are a favorite of rabbits, and so are any plant in its seedling phase. Yes, they do enjoy destroying your average home garden, too. Keep their levels in check “intelligently?” Shooting them with a rifle is probably the easiest, cheapest way to do such a thing for the average person. And yes, if an animal’s reproduction rate has been unchecked due to a lack of its predators, or for any other reason, that animal effectively becomes a pest due to the imbalance in the… Read more »


    I have to agree with the FlyingMantisShrimp here.

    but has anyone noticed that those rifles appear to have sound suppressors on them? either that or the largest compensators/flash suppressors ive ever seen. O_o well the rabbits do have big ears to be fair i guess

    Brevity Truta

    If the message was spelled out with bald eagles, it would be different. The poses of the guys, too, aren’t all Glorious Gaia-Raping Asshole, but more inviting to read the message.

    PETA has the word ethical in its name, but it’s a simplistic ethic, and the consequences of being naive and blanket-protecting all animals is hands tied when it comes to managing animals that impact adversely on the ecosystem.

    Like rabbits.


    Funny. Here in the mountains rabbits and deer are pests to the extreme. The snow just melted and my yard is covered in Deer Shit and they’re always going in people’s garbage and making a mess. Not to mention the fact that people always run into them on the highway, generally killing both the deer and the human. Of course in the past the wolves would have taken care of deer and rabbit, but they’ve been pushed deep into protected crown land so the herbivores can thrive on the edge of towns. But suggest that maybe there should be limited,… Read more »

    Nemo Intermundorum

    Look, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t keep the little bastards in check, which is apparently what everyone is inferring from my statements. Yes, they are a problem because either humans have introduced them to islands where they don’t belong or simply turned their environment to shit. Unfortunately, the only ways to solve the resulting mess now is either to kill most of them off or to let them breed beyond the environment’s carrying capacity and starve to death. Obviously, the first solution is more preferable. In the case of their overbreeding in their own natural environement, there is a… Read more »


    yeah but what would be more fun to watch on discovery channel? Axe Men or guys running over trees in a tank. I would tivo the latter!


    @Nemo think of the cost involved with involving professionals to deal withth problem. they would be run off their feet trying to do what an individual could do in one day. the backlog of rabit culls would become intolerable and people would get pissed off about the growing rabit problem. no one wants to pay someone to do something they can do themselves with some bullets and a gun. or where i live in aus with a gasoline tank and a match. its to much of a problem to invole companies or institutions from the private or a governmental sector… Read more »

    Brevity Truta

    But maybe, Nemo, the woodcutters while working solelmly would have giant fuck the earth mother phalli in their secret disrespectful hearts. Looking at the goose sign, it seems to be a “fuck you PETA, we like to HUNT, like MEN, DAMMNIT” message theme. Obviously they’re keen hunters and feel passionately about their past-time. Most hunters are responsible people, not cruel and wasteful. I can understand how you find the apparent disrespect to the corpses upsetting, nemo, but to my way of thinking it’s how they were killed that matters. Cleanly and not cruelly, not wastefully. After that, they’re just dead… Read more »


    @ausi dudes: Well that’s different. Deer and rabbits are natural here.I’m saying they’re all over the place. So what if you hunt a few. The hunters eat the meat and make rugs out of the deerskins.

    I would have a problem if deer were endangered, but hunting is very, very very heavily regulated in BC. If you went past your license eventually you would be caught and quite likely it would be another hunter turning you in. Hunters here are often the most passionate and realistic conservationists. They don’t want their forests vanished or the game thinning out.


    jinx u owe me a coke

    Brevity Truta

    *laughs* uh-huh =)

    We cull millions of ‘roos a year and they are native. Ferals are a huge problem on top of that.

    Picking up on the idea of hunters as conservationists, that’s the reason there are any forests left at all in England.


    o hai brev didnt no u were australian either *greet*

    Yeh we cull teh roo’s but we dont waste em. you ever had roo brev? how freakin rich is it such a nice meat bit gamey but bloody good.


    ” I’ve had too many people flip out and actually threaten to kill my entire family for posting this photo,”


    Brevity Truta

    Mhm, sure have, snow. The supermarket locally sells it, even sausages. It’s very good for you, very lean.

    PETA should make one of dead humans spelling out “Humanity sucks”. But which humans? Maybe the death-threat ones could volunteer.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    I’m not sure how I contradicted myself there. My point is that there is a difference between professional and conservationist hunters and people who have big guns to shoot furry things with. Hunters might pose with a trophy kill, yes, but I highly doubt any self-respecting hunter would be caught spelling things out with it. It’s not the hunting that annoys me, it’s the (in my opinion) obvious disrespect for what they’re hunting. Yes, the rabbits are, at the time of the photo, just corpses, and it doesn’t really matter to them what happens after they’re dead. Point is, such… Read more »


    @this thread



    this whole argument:


    Being a psychiatrist, I find both hunters and the photographer are deeply disturbed and morally bankrupt. Sadly, this level of psychopathology is highly resistant to treatment.


    “Shooting rabbits is not animal cruelty. Rabbits are pests. ”

    Do you think rabbits are more or less of a pest than humans?

    *THINK* before answering…


    Splinter you are full of shit. You’re not a psychiatrist. No psychiatrist would make a diagnosis based on a blurred out, possibly photoshopped picture. Especially one that is so clearly a value judgement.

    : In australia they are basically destroying the entire environment and aren’t native. Don’t be a misanthropist or a dumbfuck. Oh, and you’re not profound either. Just about every 14 year old has had that little insight.

    Both of you never post here again, you stupid fucks.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @Darkhell Wild rabbits don’t live to a ripe old age and pass away quietly at the nursing home surrounded by family. There are only a few ways that a wild rabbit dies a) starvation b) predator c) disease d) run over by a car,tractor,etc. (harvest on farms is a bunny holocaust) e) killed by hunters Out of those possibilities, yes, (e) is the most humane. Here’s another hit from the cluebat: animals don’t have feelings like humans. A rabbit has a brain the size of cashew, that’s not enough neurons to do much more than run, eat and fuck. There… Read more »


    i await the day some alien species comes and says they’re just humans they are missing something in their brain its ok all they can do is run, eat, fuck, think about abstract things, and endlessly ridicule each other

    Brevity Truta

    Lol! I’d believe you if you said you were a rabbit psychologist, Splinter.

    Nemo, I think the messages measure more the depth of the hunters contempt for PETA than they do the lack of respect for the animals (corpses at that) you’re reading from what is, after all, just a couple of pictures. I might be wrong, of course.

    Unless we asked the hunters themselves, we don’t know what their practices and ethics are.


    It’s so easy for city people to act all high and mighty because they are so disconnected from the basic facts about reality and their own knowledge of country comes from fucking “documentaries” like mythbusters. I love animals, I love the forest. I am in every way a conservationist. But I’m not a retardo. I realize that there are complex issue to people’s survival. You don’t get a city fed by being picky about ever little vole. It’s terrible but guess what? Even if you are a vegan it’s keeping you alive, as Reboot pointed out the harvest kills all… Read more »


    bah typos. I’m catching the retarded. Get away from me you hippies!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    We don’t need to wait for aliens to show up for examples of atrocities against other humans because they are “inferior”, do we?
    That’s part of what truly pisses me off about so-called “animals rights” advocates. If we lived in a perfect, sunshine world where shit like Iraq and Darfur wasn’t going on everyday, maybe I would give a fuck about some bunnies.
    But more men,women and children have been brutally murdered today than there are rabbits in this picture; and you all get your panties in a bunch because its “disrespectful”.

    Brevity Truta

    Haha, beware their furzy mungbean fingers of retardation. We, in the last few hundred years, managed to fuck up the natural balance all over the world, us humans, and we – sorry, PETA – can’t just step away and let the imbalance run its course. That means culling animals that thrive in the imbalance, so as to have something left instead of desert. I think we should stop farming sheep and cattle here (the country’s so damn fragile), and farm roos and emus, but that’s going to be a long time coming. Ways of life to be maintained and all,… Read more »

    Brevity Truta

    I know they’re not extinct, the buffalo. But yeah … a lost world there.


    Oh, buffalo are back in Canada though. I guess it was tough going there for a while. But now you can go out to buffalo ranches (which are gigantic) and see herds of dozens of buffalo running around. Very humane, too.

    Buffalo meat is really really delicious by-the-by.

    Brevity Truta

    There’s one in the Melbourne Zoo (last I went, maybe there’s more now). An impressive animal and that’s just one, so herds would be something. And herds of millions … wow.

    I’d love to try buffalo.


    Just stopped in to say “Holy crap, this post has 60 (now 61) comments.”


    Yes, buffalo is delicious, plus Caio gets to have sex for a change, as buffalo don’t care if they get the Herp.

    Fuck the bunnies, fuck all the animals. Our species didn’t claw its’ way to the top of the food chain to eat fucking tofu and sprouts.

    Goddam hippies.


    I lawl’d at the 40 + replies in a matter of 48 hours.


    P.S. I saw at least 9 roadkill bunnies this morning. Just driving to and from my in-laws house.

    Get real kids….rabbits aren’t exactly Bald Eagles.