Winter Soldiers


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    Where’s this, Hoth?


    looks like a FN FNC to me but correct me if i’m wrong


    Dunno… But definitely not Hoth… Those aren’t blasters… And Not FNCs either, rear sight is wrong, profile is wrong.

    More likely and AK-47 variants… Looks like the Finland Valmet RK95tp…

    tiki god

    kinda looks like a saiga, but what do I know.


    Saiga… shit; I’m still only in Saiga… Every time I think I’m gonna wake up back in the tundra.


    Whats the point of white camo when you have black guns :/


    Most modern snow camo has some black in it (look at the ground they are laying on, it’s not solid white) and the black rifles would be okay (though some services have whites strips to wrap around the rifles to break up the silhouette).


    Phyreblade is right. Finnish conscripts. I definitely remember those backpacks.

    The picture itself is probably a propaganda/advertisement photo. Cues are the brand new, clean and shiny equipment they are carrying. The conscripts in the Finnish military never get to use new or clean equipment. That would be like giving pearls to pigs.

    More propaganda:


    maybe i am wrong, but those look like Beretta SCP-70/90 so they could be italian Alpini of the Monte Cervino Regiment


    ok i found this pic of a RK95tp so phyreblade is prolly right
    if you disagree with that just look at the rear sight and the gap between the barrel and the front sight


    Yep, definitely the Finnish RK95TP variant…

    Beretta SCP-70/90: waay off… too many differences.

    Saiga: Close but the fore grips aren’t slotted and also cover the blow back mechanism, and the arms of the skeleton stock aren’t quite as close together…


    Errr… Just realized I said “blow back”, when this design is gas operated… oops… In the Saiga design, the gas tube/piston assembly is covered…


    Saiga pretty much is an AK..