Shell factory

2505_37_mm_armour_piercing_aluminum_castings_in_a_factory_1942.jpg (60 KB)

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    those are very odd looking rounds, they intended to be used in small arms thats for sure. unless they are not yet finished being made. my money is on the former.


    The pic filename describes them as 37mm casings… They aren’t finished for sure, though I think the 37mm round still qualifies as small arms munitions…


    they look like they shouldbe fed to orphans the ensuing lulz would en there former use.


    No primer……Bullets Fail.


    By US Military definition, small arms include any weapon .60 caliber and below (although the Navy is on it’s own fucking program, since it considers 25mm and 30mm weapons to be small arms…then again…5″ guns..).


    Ah, the power of Google. the 37 mm round was made for the 37 mm Automatic Gun, used in the Bell P-39 and P-63 fighters. Awesome!


    Shit, that was SUPPOSED to say the round was made for the M4 Automatic Gun. Sorry, ya’ll.


    Yes, as chaingunner pointed out, the military definition of small arms actually includes a rather large range of munitions. Examples are the HK69 and the M-203, which are 40mm grenade launchers (the M-203 is generally attached to an M4) that both still fall under the “small arms” classification…

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