How the moon landing was faked


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    One of mankind’s greatest accomplishments belittled by morons.


    Lol, I love how people can’t accept the fact that we actually went to, and abandoned, a planet that was not our own, well, technically a moon, same thing, sort of.

    Alec Dalek

    I think the problem is that the idea of man actually leaving the earth and setting foot on another heavenly body, goes against their religious belief systems, and changes their world. I’m looking at you fundies. The fact of the matter is the various missions to the moon left behind many items that are visible from earth (by telescope). And faking the moon landing would require more people “in” on it than faking 9/11. And the more people involved in anything secret, the more likely it is to get out. I mean someone would be apt to get drunk some… Read more »


    i was the lighting guy. we didn’t fake it next to a river and trees though…


    Dammit, I can see the fucking flag on the fucking moon with a fucking telescope!


    My favorite argument against the moon landings being a hoax is that most (basically, all) of the Apollo equipment was built by contractors who were handed specs and a budget. The contractors can’t possibly all be in on the conspiracy, that would be way too many people to be feasible. Therefore, they must have made the parts to the specs. And either the specs weren’t good and therefore the Apollo rockets would have have worked, or the specs were good, and the rockets would have worked (mostly, cf Apollo 13). If the specs were good, there would be no reason… Read more »



    yeah, my second favorite argument is the laser reflectors the Apollo astronauts left on the moon, which how we know how far away the moon is.


    @ deutschlandia:

    Your second favorite argument is my personal favorite argument.


    Well obviously the landings were faked in Maya 3d. God you guys are such gullible bush lovers.


    I seriously doubt there are any telescopes on earth that can resolve anything as small as the largest object humans have placed on the moon.

    Hubble doesn’t even have that kind of resolution.



    Well, Hubble isn’t the point. My 2nd favorite argument (above) is the most convincing one. Why else would certain patches of the lunar dust be so consistently reflective?


    Woah, TastyZippo is so full of s… 🙂
    I heard Chinese want to land on the moon as well though.


    Dur guys you all just sheeple, how can you accept the lies that your goverment feeds you. I wasn’t alive when the moon landings happened, therefore, the moon landings didin’t happen.

    How could something happen while im not alive? I mean I am the center of my universe, just like the bible tells me, and I have Jesus in my heart, and he whispers to me all night long about all the lies you people are feeding the masses.


    After all god does say in the bible:

    Pedosus Molestius 15:31

    “Thou shall not set foot on any other divine body than thyne earth”


    Lol @ Namelis1.

    Agreed. 😀


    @Namelis1: He..hehehe 😀 @Alec: Now…really. Our good old fundie friends aren’t the only ones who go around blabbing about how fake the moon landing was. Actually, our fundie friends wouldn’t have to make up such a big conspiracy theory about it. And they could still just say: You’ve been to the moon and for that you all will burn in hell. Like they do with homosexuality or divorce. Fundies are low-maintenance. No, this theory comes from the most annoying scum that was ever let loose on this planet: Conspiracy theorists. Who say that everything is faked. The moon landing, the… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    No, the Bible wasn’t faked. It WAS actually written by ancient nomadic barbarians. But a small fringe of crackpots believe it was written by a magic sky genie. They’d probably move on with their lives if only they could get some decent sex.


    I wonder who’s going to be the first to do the nasty in space, if it’s not already happened. I did read that they’re serious about studying sex in space, because if we need to leave earth, we need to perpetuate the human race (and bring the important animals like cows, chickens, pigs, fish, dogs, cats, and anacondas).


    No, you cannot see the flag.


    I love these pictures; here they show two folks training so they could familiarize themselves with how the tools and suits interact with dust and rocks so that their training in the tank of water to simulate low gravity can be applied to this and the folks will not get there and have to call NASA saying “hey, um, Huston, so how do we make these things work?” Exact same principle as fire training aboard a ship. You train for emergencies without the fire with simulated smoke on the ship and then on land you actually learn how to fight… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    What does it matter?

    I dunno why it would be faked or why anyone would care if it were? Its not like if it were faked it means now you can’t go there. Cause none of us are going to be hanging on the moon anyway.

    So fuck it. Fuck it in its moon ass.

    I think China should go to the moon. I mean the whole fucking country. Just leave and take your shitty merchandise with you.


    I know we went to the moon. I know we landed there first on July 11, 1969. This is fact. What I don’t understand, however, is how we can have satellites in earth orbit that can see things on earth that are .15 meters across (the KH-12 class of reconnaissance satellite), but we can’t see the fucking lunar landers?


    wookie_x thats easy.

    The reconaisance satelites are about 300 kilometers above the earths surface.

    the moon is (it might not be obvious) really really really far away.

    Actually its 375,000km away.
    Compare 300km to 375,000km

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Recon satellites usually orbit a few hundred miles above Earth (actual orbits are, of course, classified).
    Geosynchronous orbit is about 20,000 miles from Earth.
    The moon is about 240,000 miles away.

    I think the reason so many people believe the moon landing to be a hoax is that we haven’t gone back or done anything to top that since. And that goes contrary to our typical expectation of progress. Its as if Columbus discovered America and everyone collectively said ‘so what?’.


    off topic, but I lol everytime i think about how we can spend…billions to go to the moon, ya know, just cause we felt like it. while there is people fucking aids monkeys and are starving, in other countries.

    Not saying we should help these countries instead of exploring though.



    : There are no moon-slaves or moon-gold though. Who cares about the fucking moon without slaves or gold? Basically it is earth but with less stuff and bouncier.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya fuck the moon. If there were 3 tittied bitches up there who had low standards and couldn’t get preggo I ride my God damned bike to the moon.

    Instead its just a lump of rock. Nothing to do but look around and shrug. Like Delaware.


    Hey AUS BUTT… Just a quick question… What can you do with 3 bewbs that you can’t do with two…?


    i realised taht 3 bewbs would get in the way but i digress. the moon is a big lump of rock that we have shat on with our disgusting human footprints get over it u conspiracy theorists.

    T.G. Fisher

    Remember this comment about moon landing non-believers, one world panic assholes, jet contrails being some clandistine government plot, black helicopters spying on us, etc.
    To an intelligent, educated person there is nothing on earth more frightening than ignorance organized and in action.


    lol, nice one casefaggs