Akroma, Angel Of Fury , Magic The Gathering Card Original Artwork

Akroma_Angel_of_Fury_Daren_Bader.jpg (94 KB)


She has protection from Blue, White, flies, strikes first, tramples and hits harder the more red mana you pump into her. Delicious!

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    The fact that I understand the caption scares me. Time for more beer.

    Alec Dalek

    Magic the Gathering was never my thing. I prefer having sex with women.


    I highly doubt your sexing if your on here so you may want to look into it.


    “more red mana you pump into her” If she was real I’d be pumping something else into her.


    No you wouldn’t.

    Alec Dalek

    Dude, you can’t be insulting people just because they post on this website, when you yourself also post. You fail.


    Ohh-hoh, I out nerd you all.

    I have the novel series memorized. Which is awesome from the onslaught series, because Ixidor’s hand got bit off by a turtle, and Ixidor created Akroma in his sleep, at the expense of an arm.

    He just woke up, bleeding profusely, with no left arm, and a naked angel beside him.

    Now THAT’S amusing.


    Yeah, but this is from Time Spiral Block, not Onslaught Block.

    I only look at Magic cards when new sets are coming out. For some reason constantly watching the Rumor Mill on MTGSalvation amuses me. I’ve played the game very few times but understand the mechanics fairly well.



    i got this sexy beast in a booster pack, and shes the only non goblin non elemental in my red deck. had to include her cus shes just SO awesome


    Amusing isn’t exactly the word i’d use… I’m thinking Awesome… Cool… Hawt maybe?


    @Kaze I out-nerd you as I have 52 Magic novels and two copies of the onslaught block. First, Ixidor got his hand bit by a turtle… not bit off. Only two fingers were bitten off. Second, Ixidor’s arm wasn’t pleeding at all when he woke up, he just had a stump. And third, Akroma wasn’t naked or beside him, but rather wearing robes and was beyond the foot of the bed floating above the floor. I’m not trying to be rude, but just help people out with the details. I do wonder if anyone would create or has created a… Read more »