biggest loser on the internet

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I have a game.

See how many ads of this guys you can look through before bursting out laughing.

You HAVE to look through the entire ad before you can move onto the next one though.

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    Oh, man…that’s hiarious.

    Most of your items are vintage which means they have been used a little, and in some cases a lot.”

    Somebody’s moving in on Goodwill’s turf?


    Hilarious, too.


    magnus is this a sly plug for your ebay store?


    Lol.. I got to his Neon Nu Rave jacket. Where he actaully shows his teeth. He has braces x]


    no lulz.
    i didn’t have the music on, however


    I think he’s kind of hot. Goofy, but cute. I did laugh at “Vintage means one of a kind!” No, vintage means old.


    Loser? Looks like he has a pretty good racket to me. Take one 95¢ crappy goodwill jacket, put on some stupid sunglasses, make love to the camera, profit.