Planned Parenthood Front Door

Rear Entrance.jpg (275 KB)

Well, that’s one way to do it.

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    Photoshopped, although there is one genuine one out there with the same joke.

    Alec Dalek

    Not 100% effective. There is such a thing as a splash-back pregnancy. You kid be careful now. And always use plenty of lube and patience.


    Shopped. Why would there be an “entrance in rear” sign on a door with a sign designating the business right on it? It negates the purpose of the door and the text. That’d be like getting to the drive-thru window and finding a sign that says “please pick up your order inside.”

    Plus the “entrance in rear letters” are blurry and that arrow looks like a Photoshop arrow. That’s why.


    Ah, you are an expert on the matter of shopping… if you pay attention to the entire picture you would notice that the all the words have the same amount of fuzziness… As well as the building – kinda like the feedback you get from a low rez cam or a cam phone… (which, if you blow up in shop, you will notice that this individual is using). I digress, this building does exist. And the parking is around back where the rear entrance is.

    tiki god

    maybe that’s the front door, and as evidence of the reflection, there is no parking out there. So instead of having people park in the back and then think they have to walk back up, they’re telling them, “no no, you can park back there, AND enter from the same area!”

    not really rocket science, and a situation that I see a lot, specially downtown, where there’s no parking on the street.