Michael J Fox + X = ?

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    Honestly the 2 best ones in here have to be the 2nd and 3rd ones
    they seem to make the most sense.


    I don’t get the first one. Michael J Fox + car = woman driving while on a cell phone?


    @ Ohnoez

    The first makes absolutely no sense, but how do the others not?
    Are you daft? Retarded possibly?


    sarcastastic….itz quite simple….. if Mr. Fox was to drive a car he would end up crashing it…. and itz a well known fact that woman are terrible drivers, especially when theyre on the cell phone…so they would too crash….so the two are congruent…ya kno?


    Now there are two great ones missing. One of Mr. Fox+chainsaw=clear cut forest and one of Mr. Fox+handheld video camera=Cloverfield.

    Brevity Truta

    All this vein needs is to turn it into a montage clip with that song that goes “shake it like a polaroid picture, shake it shake it, shake, shake” lololol.

    The guy’s got a shitload of dignity, gotta admire him for that.


    MJF + car = ASIAN Woman on cellphone. = gurenteed crash.

    Billy Manic

    The flashlight one is the best.

    Brevity Truta

    MJF + pen in his mouth = Brainwave reading for Tom Cruise.


    why isn’t there just a picture of a car crash?


    See now these make sense. Except the last one. That one reminds me of the totally inexplicable “handgun + MJF = gatling gun” one. Far be it from me to condone the ridicule of a man on account of an unfortunate physical infirmity, but if you’re gonna do it, at least get the nature of the infirmity straight. PD causes tremors. Shakes. That’s it. He can not multiply anything, he can not create things out of thin air, he can not turn water into wine and he absolutely can not alter the fabric of space and time… Ok. I’m done… Read more »


    @Phyreblad: MJF first shaked the meal, then he baked it.

    I got a laugh out of them.


    I prefer the one where it’s MJF + axe = chainsaw

    Alec Dalek

    Dude, seriously. I’m all for making fun of everyone equally. But there are just so many celebrities out there that are much more deserving of out barbs.

    Tell you what, go make fun of every other celebrity out there first, then you can make all the MJF jokes you want. I mean really, what obnoxious or offensive thing has he ever done?

    Please, take it out on me if you have to, but that guy is one of the few nice celebrities still out there.


    I mean really, what obnoxious or offensive thing has he ever done?

    Spin City.


    I’ve got nothing against Mr. Fox. I love most movies he’s in. Doesn’t mean I can’t find a joke funny.

    as for making fun of everyone equally…. no. I have neither the time nor inclination (nor do you) to do that.

    Tell you what, when you make a tally of every joke you’ve made, then make enough jokes to make it even, let me know. In the meantime, I’ll be doing as it works out in the moment.


    Phyre I don’t think you understand. Most of these are having a laugh at the meme itself and not the esteemed Mr. Fox. Obviously a flashlight doesn’t turn into the sun. The meme has just gone meta that is all. Pretty soon they’ll be selling it in the mall and we can say ‘I was there when, and then there again when it went meta, but I’ve long since moved onto the next meme’. That’s just how it works: That is why people use internet.


    pistol + MJF = M60 is still the best.

    Alec Dalek

    You’re right, it’s just a joke. And I suppose if people could think of any other celebrity with Parkinson’s, they’d have gone with them. Can we give Britney or Paris some Parkinson’s somehow? Or at least AIDS? That would be cool.

    Brevity Truta

    Don’t know that in the same situation Britney or Paris would be so meme-worthy.

    But yes, it would be both cool and righteous to have the more deserving afflicted with schadenfreude-rich problems, and people like MJF just cruise on into a healthy old age.

    Ah well. Shake it, shake it, shake shake.


    The flashlight one is fucking hilarious and I’ll tell you why. That flashlight is one of the ones you can charge by moving it… and the direction it must be moved in is such that you basically jack-off the flashlight. So him plus THIS flashlight = the sun because…

    If you can’t figure that out now ur fucking retarded.


    @ Sarcastastic
    (late reply yes i know)
    i didnt realize that the flashlite was one of the ones that when shakin it is powered
    and yes the shakenbake one makes some sense
    just not as funny as the 2nd and 3rd


    i replied to the wrong person
    my bad
    i ment Tardex





    GET IT? I DO! AHA!


    It’s funny. And it makes me feel bad when I laugh at it. This must mean it’s comedic gold.