Cute Gunners


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    Wow, that’s really sad, especially in comparison to the one that you linked… great parenting skills at work there. 😛


    I really hope those weapons are cleared. But since we are seeing the parenting style in action, I assume they aren’t. 🙁

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Screw you guys. There’s nothing wrong with teaching your kids about firearms. The one in the middle is a bit young, but probably just wanted to be in the picture. Sport shooting with your family is completely different that child-soldiers in Africa, it doesn’t even merit comparison.

    Alpha Harrison

    Sport shooting? With a pump action and what looks like some kind of uzi? THE FUCK ARE THEY HUNTING?!?!?!?

    That’s the kind of stuff to fight Godzilla-esque giant wasps. Well that and fire


    How is sport shooting a legitimate family activity when kids that young are involved? It takes no imagination and teaches them no useful skills except shooting things. There are a plenty of activities available for kids that don’t expedite aggression.


    i agree with reboot on this one. naturally the first thing a kid would do when they get their hands on a gun is put their finger on the trigger. but it is clear that the parents in this case showed the importance of trigger discipline. good on them. and it doesnt matter what gun you sport shoot with. i go to the range with my father often and i love to take the 12ga. sure its no good for target practice but its FUN to shoot. just shooting at the ground is fun with that thing. and i am… Read more »


    Yeah, but can they take them apart and put them back together blindfolded?

    Mmm, guns good



    That’s not trigger discipline, their hands are just too fucking small.

    I’ll bet their daddy has balls hanging from his rear bumper and a BushCheney04 sticker and/or Calvin peeing on a ford logo.


    Alec Dalek

    I’m with reboot. As with anything, if you make it too forbidden, it just makes it all the more appealing. Kids need to be exposed to stuff they WILL have to deal with when they are older. I for one offer up my services to anyone with a 17 year old daughter. They have to learn about perverts some time.


    Or they could just be airsoft guns.

    Occam’s Razor anyone?


    Guns are occasionally necessary tools which should be put away when they aren’t needed.


    jeffapotimus -i think you know that im fucking right and just tried to make a lame excuse. not to mention you ignored everything else i said. you sir are a fucking idiot.


    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Everyone is ignoring the real crime here. This picture was not tagged ‘sexy’. And now for another installment of Faggot Theater! My little boy asked me why wars happen today. And I had no answer. Isn’t that the most beautiful thing? He didn’t know why war happens and I couldn’t tell him. I just told him that war never solves anything and never has and guns are just tools of hate. I know this because in Pissyfart Illonnoying where I live we get CNN and MSNBC. I shot a gun once and it hurt my feelings. It’s like we as… Read more »


    And now for another installment of Faggot Theater!

    i could not think of better words to describe it.


    It’s sad to read how hysterical people get about guns. AFAIK, the weapons depicted here are: Mossberg shotgun (probably a 500), Tek 9 , and a Colt AR-15, btw. If a kid is taught proper respect and handling of firearms, they are MUCH less likely to misuse them in the future. If you keep guns in the house, it only makes sense to educate your children about them. Including teaching them that they are a weapon of violence. Very dangerous, yes lethal, but an important tool when used correctly. I shot my first fully automatic weapon when I was 5… Read more »


    MCS poast of year. ^


    This is a classic worn argument. Let’s look at Canada. They outlawed firearm ownership and instances of rape and other violent crime increased. Accidental death by gun is statistically low comparatively speaking. Homicide by gun is low – comparatively speaking. Guns are good deterrents for violent crime. If a criminal thinks they might get shot, they think twice about being a criminal. If you teach your children firearm safety and proper handling they will not shoot themselves. Parents forget to teach their children respect in general which is the broader problem at hand. Firearm ownership is a constitutional right for… Read more »


    Thread is tl;dr, I just wanted to say/ask: Who the fuck puts a scope like that on a fucking M4?

    Brevity Truta

    I think it’s good that these girls are going to grow up prepared for the day the government turns against its people; the twinkies run out; or aliens/zombies/Canadians/terrorists invade.

    Which scenario is more likely is open to debate.



    Brevity Truta

    Yep. They shopped at Wal-Mart.

    Alec Dalek

    What the fuck? We’re allowed to have fire arms here in Canada. We need them to keep the polar bears and Inuit out of the trash cans.

    Seriously, don’t believe everything Michael Moore says (I like the guy, but he exaggerates too much). We do control some types of fire arms, and we recently enacted a controversial gun registry. But if I wanted a hunting rifle, I could go get one right now. No waiting list.

    Even if I wanted a Handgun, there are lots of them on the street here. Stay out of the Jane/Finch area of Toronto.



    My bad man, I meant handgun and firearm came out.

    Still, it’s hard to ward off a violent criminal with a .30-06… a bit cumbersome. You shouldn’t have to get your handgun off the street.

    I’ve read a couple of Moore’s books. He does make excellent points occasionally, then blows his credibility all to hell by exaggerating and twisting the truth to suit his argument. Last I heard, he wanted to ban handguns. Has he changed his position? What’d I miss?

    Again, apologies for wrong word choice in the last post… I had a misfire.


    masterbater4071- Go back and read my post. You were right about what, exactly? That you like to shoot guns? Uh, ok… No argument. The only thing I may disagree with is that ‘it is clear that the parents in this case showed the importance of trigger discipline.’ You can’t tell that from one picture, you’re just talking out your ass. (If they had been holding the guns properly by the grip with their trigger fingers in safe position, that might be another thing…) And what ‘excuse’ was I making, exactly? Are you perhaps a little bit retarded? You see, I… Read more »


    You guys are awesome. I like being in a forum with you. ^_^ Have a great weekend.



    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    @Alec It’s actually pretty hard to get a rifle even for hunting. If you buy a shotgun they practically want a DNA sample now. Handsguns are pretty much outlawed though you can get one if you really want it. But you have to keep it in your house and when you go to the shooting range it has to be locked in a box in your trunk and they give you a route to drive to your preferred range and a time limit on your commute. Not too many people I know have guns. Ya you could go to Jane… Read more »

    purple banana

    Many of you guys bring up excellent points regarding gun safety, exposing and education kids about the safety and danger of gun use. I grew up in a hunting part of the country; we don’t have balls on the back of our trucks, we don’t wear cowboy hats, we don’t have confederate flags hanging from our front porch, and we don’t chew tobacco. My parents drive a Honda Civic and a CRV. Many of you bring up the argument that as long as kids are educated about gun safety, they’ll be able to handle a gun in a responsible matter.… Read more »