Warhammer 40k – Space Marine with Small Weapon


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    *whips out his shiny Warhammer nerd bat

    Blood Angel Devastator with Plasma Cannon.

    Chance on hit to fuck your couch.


    Nice call, I don’t place SM though, I play Nids.


    Nids and Necrons, the two cheese armies for those that can’t stand to lose.

    Sorry for the nerd outburst there, being an infantry heavy Imperial Guard player, I have a problem with armies that can not be defeated in hand-to-hand combat or ones that every schmo with a standard issue weapon can destroy a Leman Russ (also the ‘We’ll be Back’ rule is kinda bogus, imho). Give me Chaos terminators anyday, at least I’ll have a chance. Don’t know why I’m complaining, I haven’t played 40k in a couple of years.


    Wait for this summer when the next addition of rules comes out. IG get ALOT stronger in winnning games.


    Small weapon? Good God that thing seems bigger then some cars.


    As someone who constantly has to deal with opponents using Plasma Cannons, I think we need a new rule. When a Plasma Cannon overheats, a blast template should be placed on the offending model.


    Playing Necrons is the equivalent of grabbing the ball and running home when you’re losing.


    Yup, that’s a Blood Angel Devastator alright. Its from the book “The Face Of Battle” the colour art of David Gallagher and also used in the cover of White Dwarf 240 in 1999.

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