International Iron Man Movie Poster



From the always awesome Superhero Hype

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    Good fucking god I want to see this movie.


    I believe only in the weapon you have to fire once.
    Thats how dad did it.
    Thats how America does it.
    And its worked out pretty good so far.


    That’s actually the domestic poster, this is the international one (which I prefer):

    Ze German one ist gut too.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I’m rarely an optimist when it comes to movies but this year looks like a great year for comic adaptations:
    Iron Man
    Hellboy II
    The Incredible Hulk
    The Dark Knight


    Robert downey is a badass, a funny badass, i just saw the second trailer and i believe there is no way this is gonna suck.

    Iron man, Hellboy II, The dark knight are a sure win, don’t know about hulk.


    So, am I the only one worried that Paltrow will completely fuck this movie all to hell and back?

    tiki god

    Hellboy II? Did anyone even see the first one? I saw it, and it sucked donkey dick


    Dude the Hulk will rock i just seen the Trailer for it the other night, the only real thing that sucks, is its CGI.

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