Salvador Dalí and Man Ray

Man_Ray_Salvador_Dali.jpg (350 KB)

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    Man Ray was pure genius (like Breton, Duchamp, Ernst and so on)
    Dalì was pure marketing.

    Surrealism is pure magic.


    I saw some pretty cool stuff by both those dudes in London, and a bunch of fucking Dali in Florida. While I have to appreciate Dali, I only really really liked Narcissus, the Matador and that world egg thing. Other than that it ranged from interesting to stupid. I mean lobster phone? It’s a plastic lobster in a phone. They didn’t even bother putting it behind glass because who gives a shit about something that stupid? Man Ray on the other hand: His objects blew my mind. Like the olive jar skyscraper just looks so cool in person. You might… Read more »


    I didn’t know they met. Oh god, they’re like the daft punk duo of the art world. Steampunk robot helmets would suit them

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Like Jeff Goldblum, these two are watching you poop.


    the eyes!!, the eyes!!!, lol Man Ray sort of looks like Ben Linus From lost.

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