Kill Bill

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Probaly my fav 2-Part film ever, awesome.

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    yeah but Uma is too lanky and has man-hands.


    And she’s ugly as fuck.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If Tarantino wasn’t on an ego trip, Kill Bill I & II could have been edited down to the most flatten-your-balls action movie of all time.
    As it is, its just two mediocre movies with some stand out scenes. The only thing that’s good in the 2nd one is the Pai Mei scenes and the resolution.


    i liked the first one a lot, but i found the second one had a lot of filler..

    tiki god


    well sure if he were trying to make an action movie, he could have done that. but as we all know, he wasn’t going for “action movie” he was going for “homage to the old martial arts films”, which I wasn’t familiar with before KB. Which sadly is a good thing, cause I went back and watched some of the old shit that Tarantino mentioned was his favorites, and what he was trying to touch on in his movie. The old shit sucked. Hardcore. Want to see how mind numbingly bad they were?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Charlie Brown in the first one is played by the writer of Ichi The Killer. I think it was a pretty hard Kinji Fukasaku specific tribute at times as well.


    Meh. Uma isn’t ugly, but is certainly too lanky and is generally overrated. IMHO of course…