John McCain

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    Yeah, he’s already got the far LEFT’S hand shoved so far up his backside that I swear he snaps when he sneezes! It’s a sad day when the most conservative candidate is a Democrate. Oh well!


    Democrate wasn’t that some greek guy?


    That was Democritus (or Demokrit).


    No, I’m pretty sure the democrate is an exocrine gland in males.


    No, Caio, it’s a typo of “Democrat” from a lack of forethought to proofread what I typed. I’m truly sorry that you don’t seem to have anything else to say but carve to have your thoughts heard. Perhaps you’d like to make a counter-point to the fact that McCain has an EXTREMELY liberal viewpoint? Or do you just want to pick nits? Thanks. 😀


    Are you serious Guswut? Have you checked his voting record?

    Forget Dem. v. Rep. rhetoric that is regurgitated and spewed by biased commentators on both sides. Base your voting decision on their voting decision instead of falling for the drama. McCain wants to build more prisons and then throw everyone in them, and he supports overturning Roe v Wade. Not exactly how I’d like to picture America’s future.


    McCain is as far Right as anyone else in that party. Pick any hot-button issue and you can rest assured McCain sides with the Right Wingnuts.

    This idea that he’s somehow “liberal” is beyond ludicrous.


    Dear Gus:
    I believe you have stumbled upon an internet phenomenon known as a “troll”. Due to boredom, spite, or nearly any negative emotion, these “trolls” will point out any and all flaws possible, then view legitimate counter-arguments as ridiculous for caring so much. The best possible reaction is to ignore said “troll”, however the path to avoid is railing against their silly arguments and try to deal with them on a mono-e-mono basis.

    Good day,


    Max, you’re explaining trolling to the troll. Stop that.


    So McCain is a liberal?

    Seriously, what’s the problem here?