Worldwide Human Skin Colour

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    north Greenland, the home of the ginger kids


    I’m from Australia and I’m not black…. my ancestry goes back to England, but that’s still spastimacated.

    Alec Dalek

    Wow, there certainly are a lot of black people in Africa.


    Mermen and Merladies are blue. This map definitively proves it.


    i’m from south africa……. and i need to work on my tan according to this

    Lots of really white people on the south pole, no tan to speak of.

    lol @ Camiam321


    How stupid I already know where crackers live.

    Beside, Northern Spain is way lighter than that. So many people on the north cost look just like french or german with blond hair blue eyes. And the australia thing: If Canada is cracker and not First Nations than Australia should be cracker and not abo. What is this map just a random guess?


    What color is the island from Lost?

    Looks like they forgot it on the map.


    I didn’t know there were that many blacks in Australia. It has their share of whites, doesn’t it?

    T G Geko

    mexicans are gonna be blacking us up soon

    Howie Feltersnatch

    This map seems to conclusively show that Italians aren’t white people. Fucking Guineas.


    Plenty of yetis in Antarctica… makes sense.


    What about Santa?


    thats ignit yo




    @Geko: Mexico doesn’t have that many people, surprisingly. I mean in a relative way it does, but the US is a quite dense country and has a giant population by world standards.

    If every Mexican – in the fucking world – moved to the US today, it would still be less than half Mexican.


    I’ve lived in South Africa for almost my whole life, and I can tell you the white to black ratio is something like 3:5… and does this pic seem ‘bit racist to anyone? 0_0


    I believe there’s a green dot somewhere around Lincoln County, Nevada.



    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Apparently Japanese people are black? And at the tip of South America there’s a whole commune of white people? This map makes no sense. China should be neon yellow. They have billions of people and it ain’t exactly diverse. @Ciao If every Mexican moved to the US it would be 100% Mexican because everyone else would leave. Zing! Per Canada being “cracker”. Since we’re swinging fast and loose with the racism here it really is mostly white with the drunken chug population making up a very small percentage. There are more Chinese people in Canada than gas huffing, jean jacket… Read more »


    I’m moving to Canada.