Give it to them

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    This sure is a pussy thing to do. What is scientologist going to do, nothing that’s what. If they really have balls why don’t they if the finger to evil Islamist, gang bangers or football holligans.


    One cause at a time.
    When scientology is dead, maybe anon will turn their collective attention to evil islamists, gang bangers or the like, but none of those groups have identifiable headquarters or associated companies.
    Scientology is an easy and justifiable target.


    Giving the finger to people is stupid. Smite The Infidel With Cunning Argument!

    Alec Dalek

    I had to read that about 17 times before I noticed it said “scientologist” not scientist. They should have to change their name to something like stupidumbfuckology. It’s besmirching true science!

    General X

    Hey! Let us call them evil extremists, not evil Islamists, ok.


    All of which proves you do not have to be intelligent to be at the top of the food chain. Just ruthless. And that you do not have to use a brain just because you have one.