Spider eating lizard

clXdk3jcsw7Rxpdgnb.jpg (57 KB)

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    NO GOD NO! And I was about to go to bed too 🙁


    Drainin’ his juices like a toddler with some go-gurt.


    lolz i thought it meant the lizard was eating the spider….


    Isn’t that a gecko? I didn’t think lizards had the suction cup feet.


    It’s not soo much suction-cup as it is ‘pads with millions of tiny hairs that grip the microscopic holes in surfaces.’

    Thats why they feel all prickley when they climb on your skin.


    whos cares about what the lizard/ gecko/ chameleon/ komodo dragon/ T-rex…. DO YOU NOT SEE THE HUGE F-ING SPIDER?!?!?!

    I dont even think hitting it with a tennis racket would kill it… probably just make it made… probably need silver bullets n holy water… i vote 12 gauge with 8 shot in it… i dont care… i will fix the window, but that spider is gunna be toast

    Rage 0

    Spray paint and lighter ala Arachnophobia. But I would definitely carry my Sig in case it kept coming.


    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t live in the f-ing south.
    Any creepy thing bigger than a thumbnail dies in the winter up here. And I like to keep it that way.

    The Lawnmower

    > Isn’t that a gecko? I didn’t think lizards had the
    > suction cup feet.

    A gecko is a lizard.


    Eff that spider and eff this picture.


    @lawnmower, haha you beat me to it *shakes fist*

    , for your sake, I hope that you are a troll and not just a short-bus kid who only recent-like, learned himself how to use the internets.

    @the picture, goddam


    KILL IT WITH FiiiiiiiiiiiiiRE!!!!


    I find this highly disturbing…. that being said, “MEN< WE MUST MAN THE HARPOONS!!!!1!!”


    Well, fuck this spider. It probably has a health bar, and you can’t just kill it either. No, once you get close enough, reality shatters and 16-bit music plays while you two take turns attacking. But this spider has two levels of White Mage in it so he auto-casts Cura every time he hits fucking 50% health. You’ll have to Haste a few times and summon Ifriit when he hits 25% health and KILL IT WITH FIRE.


    OH MY FUCKING RAPTOR JESUS!!! What kind of fucking spider is that?


    well there are spiders out there that catch birds, snakes and even fish…kekkasaurus


    KILL IT WITH NAPALM !!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!


    Not even fire can kill this abomination, NUKE DA SITE FROM ORBITZ! Its the only way to be sure.

    Damn, I like lizards too. =(


    @ DemolitionsGeek

    You win the internets for today.


    Luckily I don’t see too many spiders that size around here.


    That spider is using the Konami code.


    @Whoever thinks that Geckos feet grip tiny holes in surfaces:
    They actually chemically bond to those surfaces. It’s why they can walk on glass. The hairs get so close to the surfaces, and they just get grabbed by the molecules, form their own weak bonds this way, then get ripped apart when the gecko needs to walk some more.

    beep beep


    I don’t think anyone is really safe. I saw some pretty freaky spiders when I lived in Minnesota. Remember: it’s fire, not snow, that can only destroy them.

    @the picture

    Seriously, where was this so I can add it to my list of places I will never set foot in. It’s not like it’s out in the wild doing this, but on a building! That would scare the utter daylights out of me if I looked out and saw this. I hate spiders.


    god i can’t believe im the first… Spider: OM NOM NOM NOM!!!