Alan Tudyk – Pinstripe Suit




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    “Definately her legs…and right where her legs meet her back, that whole area really.” 😉

    God amongst men.


    It’s Steve the Pirate!


    He’s like a leaf in the wind.


    I never read a decent rationale behind the decision to do what they did to his character in Serenity, the movie.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    To make you realize that everyone was in critical danger. That’s what happens in real situations, people die completely unfairly and unexpectedly.
    I might be the only Firefly fan who really thought that was a really good move, dramatically. It was a departure from the “Star Wars”-type movies were you know everyone is going to be ok, even though they are in the middle of war. For the rest of the movie, you’re truly wondering if all of the characters are going to die or not.


    damn it people you have to put spoiler warnings on your comments!! i haven’t seen this!


    I actually read it was simply a matter of Tudyk not wanting to keep going with the series if it continued, so he asked to be “let go”.

    And go eat your spoiler warnings. The movie is like 3 years old, far beyond the spoiler statute of limitations. Get a Netflix account or premium cable package already.

    tiki god

    I know how you feel, but seriously there’s a limit to how long you can wait. did you know that kong dies at the end of King Kong? Yeah.


    I can’t figure out why Steve the Pirate didn’t play in the dodgeball championships.


    Psychic, though? That sounds like something out of science-fiction.

    tiki god

    Honey? You live on a space ship. In space.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I’m pretty sure that’s not how it happened. I went to one of the Serenity preview showings where Gina Torres (gawd, she is gorgeous in person) and Alan did a Q&A before the film. Alan, himself, said that if the movie was successful, then the entire cast had agreed to come back for a sequel. Given the events of the movie, I don’t know how that would work out. He probably doesn’t know how it would work out. But it wasn’t anyone dropping out.


    I heard if a sequel was in tow it would be more likely a prequel which would explore Books past a bit. How they would tie in everyone else? i don’t know…


    @tiki god
    ok that’s just mean!, you ruined kong too, what next?, darth vader didn’t kill luke’s father, yeah right!


    i know it’s way too old for spoiler warnings, but it’s also true i haven’t seen this, i just saw the series due to all the fuzz made in MCS about firefly. so i was almost joking.


    i liked wash but his character on csi. the pedophile weirded me out, i had trouble watching serenity after that.


    I mean, here’s the thing, loved the movie, of course, but it just really hurt when he died (which we can all agree is not a spoiler cause this thread is like a year old). Just because it hurt and we didn’t want it to happen didn’t mean we didn’t appreciate the art of it.

    RIP Book and Wash!

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