Chernobyl Nuclear Plant


View_of_Chernobyl_taken_from_Pripyat.JPG (85 KB)


A view of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, taken from atop a building in the now-abandoned city of Pripyat. Reactor 4 exploded in 1986, but the other reactors were still in use as late as 2000.

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    how creepy would it be to walk through that place now… be like ‘i am legend’


    Except without Will Smith 😉 YAY


    And loads of radiation.


    Actually Tardex, according to wikipedia, 91% of the information on the interwebs, the surounding area is safe for living and economic use except for a 30km zone known as the zone of alienation, The Chernobyl Zone, The 30 Kilometer Zone, The Zone of Exclusion, The Fourth Zone, or just The Zone.

    Then again I also dug up something about a man growing a penis on his arm, so that might skew it a tad.


    get out of here stalker.