The Rock’s Tattoo


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    Do not want?


    That is some bad ass ink.


    Supposedly it’s Mayan for “gay sex.”


    Om nom nom nom. Who cares about the “gay sex” as long as its tasty to look at.


    “Gay sex” or not, I effing love that man.


    Even if it doesn’t read ‘gay sex’ in Mayan, I think we’re supposed to infer that from the subtext.


    Caio, I think that’s very wrong, and an indication of how western patriarchal society encourages even women to see things from the man’s point of view. What a hetrosexual woman might see as ‘sexy’ cannot be so by the norms of society, for the woman must eternally be observed, and the man the observer, thus what the woman sees as sexy is immediately transformed into ‘gay’. Ultimately, that kind of attitude discludes the female from society’s collective discourse, turning western culture into a massive Sausage Fest. Not to mention, you are beneath that kind of homophobia, and you know it… Read more »


    MPD much, Caio?

    tiki god

    looks like someone forgot to relog into their sockpoppet.

    Shame on you, Caio, I thought you were more intelligent than that.


    I agree with Caio


    god, i’m glad the duke nukem movie got cancelled, i still cant believe they were gonna cast this fucker as duke, HE DOESNT EVEN HAVE HAIR! DUKE HAS A CREW CUT! AND THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE IT PG! WTF!? I’ll quote the producer: “this film will be more of a comedy like Men in Black than an ultra-violent shoot-em-up.”

    you can find most of the info here:


    Back to the subject, isn’t The Rock maori and those tatoos some tribal maori maturity shit?


    Is he Maori or Samoan? Mmmm, Samoans. nom nom for sure.


    Sexy ink.. but.. cliche.


    Wait a second, wasn’t Duke Nukem 3-D just a collection of references to action movies? A Duke Nukem movie would be pretty fucking Meta. Philosophy majors would spam the internet more than when Matrix was released.


    He’s Samoan, you morons. You think he’s gay because he’s probably got one of the only tribal tattoos that mean something and comes from his ancestors? I would like to say post some pics of yours, but fat white people who never see the light of day with tat’s that are just covering acne? DO NOT WANT ! ! !


    I’ve never been able to take someone called Dwayne seriously. This is no exception.