The Duck Tree


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    Alec Dalek

    Wow, I never knew Donald Duck was actually descended from Daffy Duck!


    Which he didn’t. But this is the only family tree worth knowing!
    I just got my “Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck” back off the shelf.


    I can’t tell whether this really really awesome or really really sad.

    Either way, i have to question how so many characters can come into existance, or even be concieved? The people who make the donald Duck series should think of slowing down a bit… 😛

    tiki god

    that’s just it, it’s not like they’re flooding the market with 40 duck comics a month, afaik there’s only 1 or 2


    Where is darkwing duck in this whole mess?


    Appaerantly Drake Mallard is not related to the Duck/McDuck/Coot Family.

    Daisy Duck isn’t, too.

    Actually, the whole thing is made up by Carl Barks and drawn by Don Rosa who put in every character that was mentioned in the comics, e.g. Eider Duck, who is just mentioned somewhere but is not really important.


    Dirty Dingus. lol

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