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Imperial Warlord Titan, making xenos scum shit bricks for over 10,000 years.


now thats a helluva gun…


It doesn’t matter how many times this is posted, it is still awesome.


I love the snow caps to illustrate the sheer epic scale of these badasses.


ANy pics of an Imperator Titan? A friend of mine says you can destroy it using squats no problem.


As much I love the chaos and madness of WH40K, that giant gattling gun makes no human and phisical sense. I mean, one shot of it can destroy a tank. So, why make it gatling? Spinning up that thing probably takes 30 second. Also, I bet the heatup is so big (even with the spinning) that you could only shoot like 6 rounds. Which is more than enought.


Actually Hep, I’d have to disagree. One bad thing about the big guns used on naval battleships is their long reload time. The ability to unload round after round with a virtually insignificant reload time would be a great advantage in battle. Also, I wouldn’t worry about heat, with six huge barrels cycling, the barrels should not get any hotter than if they were being reloaded manually. After all, you really wouldn’t need to get a Gatling gun ROF out of something like this, one round every half second would be more than enough to rain a rather terminal level… Read more »

tiki god

Also, you’re not really fighting a single tank. You’d be fighting the unstoppable hoards of the warp.


phaed, the squats are no more, they were consumed by the ‘nids.