Three Mile Island


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    Alec Dalek

    It’s just a mere Three Mile Island.


    I think this picture should be titled “The Stupidest Reason for Giving Up on Nuclear Power EVER!”


    The smartest was Chernobyl.


    Well said sir. Although I don’t think our safety systems allow us to try what they did there, thank God.


    The smartest-est was Monju!


    Chernobyl was a really improbable combination of flukes… out of like 10-15 things that went wrong, if any ONE of those things hadn’t gone wrong, the accident either wouldn’t have happened or would have been dramatically less severe.


    Three Mile Island is about 25 miles from my house, so if it went to hell, I’d be in the fallout zone.


    Now that I think of it, the best reason for giving up on nuclear energy has to be Gojira.


    I work a nuclear power plant, but alot of people hear the word “nuclear” and they get all stupid due to all the propaganda from Greenpeace, Sierra Club and other money making fear-mongering groups. The biggest threat in industry today is not a nuclear generating plant, but any of the millions of miles of railroads that haul thousands of tons of deadly chemicals into and round cities. The people who fear nuclear power in the US, Japan or Europe do not have a clue about it. Our plants are safer, cleaner and greener than all other viable methods including coal,… Read more »


    If you ever have complained about peak oil, you sure as fucking hell better support nuclear energy. It is unbeatable and a crime that no new nuclear power plants have been built in america. Gor said it perfect. If only Nevada would stop bitching and let us store the shit in yucca mountain. If you want to cut the middle east out of the picture essentially, nuclear power is where it’s at.


    Did you know the owners of nuclear reactors have to pay the government 1 million dollars ayear per reactor, above and beyond any standard taxes and fees, just to support the Yucca Mountain storage plan, even if Yucca Mountain does get used? Say “cow cash”. Also, there are new ideas to use the spent fuel instead of Yucca Mountain. Ideas like repocessing to reuse in a different power plant and thermal battaries. Nuclear reactors are really quite small and the new ones in Europe are smaller than the ones we use in the US, yet produce twice the amount of… Read more »


    Damn it, I mean of Yucca Mountain doesn’t get used, the owners still fork over 1 million clams per reactor.


    Kudos to Gor here. Unless you cross your fingers and really hope for a windy day, in places where hydro is unfeasible (most big cities), Nuclear is the only real option. It had downsides, but it’s a far lesser evil than the alternatives

    tiki god

    Nuclear is the only real option? If we were to use nuclear in place of coal or petroleum for the world’s energy needs, at current electrical consumption, the planet earth has enough radioactive materials to last for a little over 10 years. Plus, you have to actually GET that material, and then refine it down. It’s not like there’s a big pile of radioactive uranium sitting around in a pile. You have to practically move mountains to get at it. Know how you do that? by using a shitload of petroleum fuels. THEN you have to refine it down which… Read more »


    In the mid fifties I believe, ford tried to make a nuclear powered car called the nucleon, that would have a replacable core that would power the car approximately 300 miles, before having to be replaced.

    Nothing says “home time values” like the family’s weekend getaway with a quivering mass of toxic radiation under the hood. =D


    Kaze, you are bang the fuck ON!!! They should bring back a revival of steam-powered cars! Using the old double-loop nuclear system and a heavily-armored reactor compartment, you could have a wickedly fast and silent steam car that ran on fuel pellets. Of course, it would completely reverse the stigma about being a gas station attendant!


    send the waste to the damn moon. at least it’ll give it a bad ass green glow.

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