Isn’t it time you got some bawls?


I’ve never tried these things before, but I would be willing to.

For free.

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    They are equal to 4 cups of coffee… I had 8 of them last New Years ~32 cups of coffee. I was up for 2 days straight then crashed for 3… nothing could wake me up… But they are GOOD and still drink them when they around.


    Overpriced, but delicious.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “They are equal to 4 cups of coffee”
    um… no.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    don’t dis my beloved coffee!


    Monster Energy has more caffeine than cocaine… Sounds fitting. Haha. 😐


    Monster tastes like shit


    I have a case (24 cans) in my fridge. I think they taste like happiness. Amazon has a case for 45$ with free shipping.

    Monster tastes like Diabeetus. And monster is almost as bad as Red bull. So, stay away from diabeetus flavoured drinks! Because diabeetus, unlike other diseases, like: AIDS which makes you sexually attractive, or anorexia which makes you pretty, is a truly terrible disease.


    Bawls is the best energy drink EVER!!! And they do taste like happiness. Cheaper at depending one what shipping you choose.

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