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Alec Dalek

He be Il’n.


I dunno, I think Mr. Kim is more than aware of China’s presence just above him…


poor little man…


I want to be a brutal communist dictator. Anybody want to join me in a rousing chorus of “Ode to the Glorious People’s Republic Of Smed”?

People’s Republic Of Smed!
With its toilet-paper queues.
People’s Republic of Smed!
Where the news must be approved.

I have sixteen verses of this, yet not one strategic nuclear warhead. Priorities are important in evil plans.


America is any better?

Plus Kim Jong is technically not the leader of North Korea. His dad is. Granted his dad is dead but he will always be the leader of North Korea.

Also everything about it being impoverished is total bullshit. They all live quite well and not a homeless person in sight.

North Korea: Loves their leader

America: Hates their leader

Who is really better off? The police state or the police state disguised as the mecha of freedom?


I’m so ronery…


Where do you get your information, blackmask? North Korea is basically a closed country, except for certain districts of Pyongyang, or under government supervision. Those who’ve been allowed to wander the the acceptable parts of Pyongyang have noticed quite a few sewer people, and the streets flooded with homeless, raw sewage and general filth. There was the also the massive famine in which Kim called an foreign aid. And why are you taking propaganda as ridiculous as ‘let’s cut our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle’ as a genuine measuring stick of public opinion? I’m the last to say… Read more »


^^ I second this



East asia at night. Notice the big black blob, that’s North Korea.


@Caio Unlike you who has simply read American biased reports I’ve been there. Pyongyang is not some cold, stone fortess where no on smiles. Quite the opposite. It’s not what you’ve been told by any means and the very idea of “sewer people” seems like something some American idiot grabbed out of an X Men comic. It’s not a closed country really. It’s a cautious country but it has reason to be. Technically America and North Korea are at war and have been for about 50 years. You’d be watching your borders too if the militant superpower of the world… Read more »


Real simple solution to all this bullshit:

you fucksticks hate america so god damn much, ban any all items produced or sold in the united states. Kill any american on site to clean them from your perfect world. Finish by wiping the north american continent clean of any american what so ever.

But of course, feel free to continue bitching from the safety of your chair without doing a god damn thing to fix the problem.

The Matrix: Rebooted

Why don’t you present some “documented proof”, blackmask? Post links of your vacation pictures next to Kim Jong-Il. njch412’s link pretty much makes the opposite argument in a “picture is worth a thousand words” way.

Hillarious Dude

Of course this is just anecdotal, but a few weeks ago a boat full of North Koreans tried to sail into South Korea. The North Korean government claimed it was a lost fishing ship that had accidentally gone off course and demanded that South Korean authorities return it to the North. Reportedly, once the boat was sent back up to North Korea, all aboard the boat were executed. I’m working in South Korea right now. I’ve asked here about this story and they mostly just ask, only slightly interested, “Oh, did it happen again?” Again, anecdotal, but from my perspective… Read more »


globalsecurity.org‘s office
300 N. Washington St.
Suite B-100
Alexandria, VA 22314
There’s enough proof to back everything I’ve said and debunk that so called impartial picture posted for “global security” (ie: American security).

Per the post above: more hearsay. Nice biased hearsay.

I heard that in America women will sleep with anyone and all have VD. But I didn’t believe it.

The Matrix: Rebooted

Oh, let me head right on over there, blackmask. Who should I ask to speak to? Should I tell them that you sent me?
You claim to have been over there. Are you telling me you didn’t take any photo? Then post throw those pictures up on photobucket and post a goddam link.
Put up or shut up.
BTW, I went to globalsecurity’s website and did a search for North Korea. The first result was this report to the US House of Representative, which supports all of the negative thing we’ve been saying about North Korea.


I don’t know why you’re attacking me for simply saying you’re fed a lot of bullshit. Or why you’re trying to justify your attacks with some of that same bullshit?

And did you actually read that link? Cause I really doubt you read even an 8th of that in the 11 minutes since I posted before your post there.

So bullshit for everyone!

And how dare I question America!?

Believe what you want. Demand all you want. It’s only your own ignorance you’re protecting.


@theblackmask: You seem to have misinterpreted my ‘before you post again’ statement. I was politely trying to tell you ‘Lurk moar post less, newfag’. You see, I post here as much or more than anyone else, and 90% of my posts are America-bashing. Even lurking for two or three days, you probably could have figured out that I’m not American, that I despise the country, and its press. See, if you had lurked a bit more and posted a bit less, you wouldn’t have looked like such a pathetic Newfag. My own objections to North Korea come from personal experience,… Read more »


It’s quite amazing, all of these asshats hate living in or have anything to do with the US, yet refuse to pick up and go the paradises of North Korea or Iran.

Blackhat is just a troll. Treat him/her/it as such.

The Matrix: Rebooted

You have given no links & no facts. You’re full of shit and you lose. Good day,sir.


Actually I’m a career shit disturber. You guys are right. I trolled big time. It’s me, ladies. Your beloved Magnus. Being a dick. Biggest dick in town. I couldn’t find North Korea on a map let alone get there. I just felt like being a prick. Unfortunately some people who I thought had let go of the whole seriousness of this place didn’t. They just save it for people they think are new. Bad. I slap your wrists with my cock. Now how wants to makeout? Points for Ciao for Newfag. I applaud your animosity, sir. Good day indeed reboot!… Read more »


I’m getting owned a lot lately. I think I’m losing my touch.

Win conceded, Magnus. Win conceded.

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

I really had no reason for doing that either.

I just kept trying to bait people in threads and this one took. I thought it would have been an Obama one but here we are…

The Matrix: Rebooted

fuck. “mecha of freedom” in the first post should have been a dead give away, too.
well played. fuck.

Alec Dalek

I think we’re all missing the point here, which is Kim Jong-Il looks like the love child of Patton Oswalt and Yoko Ono.