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    The fuck? Wh….Why? When has there ever been a combat situation that called for the use of a pistol with a drum magazine? I know that there are firearm/shooting fanatics but jeez. I imagine this guy finishes emptying his mag, then goes and hangs out with the teenager behind the range’s cash register talkin’ guns. Then goes home to beat off the Guns and Ammo.


    I like Guns and Ammo.


    DemolitionsGeek, have you ever been in combat?

    Too much ammo never hurt me in a combat situation.


    So were you really ever in a situation where you even thought you needed an automatic glock with a drum magazine?


    Fucking testicle replacement is all that is. Why the hell would you put a drum magazine on a pistol when you have semi- and fully automatic rifles available. And if you DON’T have those available, but you brought a drum magazine for your pistol, you’re just retarded and need to be pulled from the gene pool.


    if someone can afford to purchase and own a G18 (Glock full-automatic pistol for the uninitiated) then more power to ’em for picking up the drum magazine. It’s no fun running through just 17 or 30 rounds so why not step it up a little:

    People do this shit because they can…it’s not like this is useful in any way. Trying to hit cans and paper targets is all it’s good for so why is everyone crying about it? It’s just fun to shoot.


    Oh yay you bought a full auto Glock with a 500 drum magazine… problem #1 won’t the barrel distort with all that heat and thus goes the accuracy? I mean it does look frickin bad ass but what good is it if you can’t hit anything.

    Sneaky Snake

    Combat situation?



    A VBIED is much easier stopped witha .45 or 9mm bullet than a rifle bullet. Especially if its coming in at a high rate of fire.


    I love how any time there’s a picture of a gun, some people love it and others get all up in arms about “OMG Penis Extensions LOLZ, blah, blah, blah.” Let the legal gun owners have some fun. Why does it matter to you sooo much that there are people with guns who enjoy shooting them just for the fun of shooting them? You don’t like guns, don’t fucking get one. Hell, I respect your decision to not have guns, please respect mine to have them.


    And oh, yeah. Full auto against Zombies isn’t really a good idea. Single-shot, large caliber works much better. Remember, you have to hit the head, not pepper the body with holes.


    Would be Great for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse! I want 8!


    Imagine imagine…if it was full of cherries!


    just noticed something…that’s not a REAL G18. It’s a conversion; check out the piece on the back.


    maybe something similar to this:


    I must say, 50 cent captures this the best in this lyric (mind you I have no idea how many shots that thing holds, but who cares) :

    “I’ve got 32 shots, I dont need to aim, I’ll waive this bitch in your direction man”

    So simple. Why cant I be a rap star and make millions? lol


    Because you can’t spell… wait nevermind, that’s not a prerequisite.



    If you’re close enough to a VBIED(car bomb) to engage it with a pistol, you’ve either already lost or are extremely lucky. An auto glock with a drum sounds fun, but using it in combat is pointless. There are much better things out there to use than an automatic, 9mm pistol with a lot of rounds.



    I’m not against guns. I am a gun owner. I like guns. That thing, though, is just pointless. It’s an ammo-waster and that’s about it. Since I’m the only person who likened that thing to any genitalia, I’ll assume that the “OMG Penis Extensions LOLZ, blah, blah, blah.” reference was toward what I said, well note I said TESTICLE replacement, as in the person who has this has no BALLS. Slight difference, there. Yeah, I like guns, and I like going out and practicing whenever I get the chance, but I also believe in the utility of guns, something that is not. Again I say, if you have this you’re just retarded and need to be pulled from the gene pool.


    Then I guess you agree that anyone who buys and drives anything bigger then a GEO, or one of those small 1/4ton pickup trucks also has no balls? I mean, you really don’t need any more then that to get around or to haul most things most people usually haul. Oh don’t get started on those people who try to pimp their cars, they are equally overcompensating for something. After all, cars are tools to, right? So obviously anything more then what is needed is just e-peen masturbation into the eye of the public. I guess all those people also deserve to have their testicles removed with a pair of pliers.

    Hell, people do stuff that doesn’t make sense, people do it cuz its fun. Remember that next time you take a vacation, watch tv, or do anything else that isn’t 100% utilitarian.


    People don’t buy stuff like this because they NEED it. They buy this because it’s fun to draw a dotted line of holes through something… If you were buying stuff for tactical/operational use you’d be getting an Uzi or an MP5 instead of this little plastic penis-extension, but to each his or her own. =-D


    Where can one legally own a fully automatic handgun? I’m disturbed, but also want to move there.


    *trades in desert eagle for one…*

    “Nice! this will stop those bastards from destroying my HQ!”


    The US, just gotta get a class 3 firearms license (not easy or cheap, but it can be done). Or go to any 3rd world shithole (real easy and cheap, though not too safe).


    sickest idea ever. How about something that looks like an external hardrive and flips into a MP with the push of a button.


    I kinda quit reading after the zombie post. If there were a zombie apocalypse [one of my personal life dreams] I would just grab a .22 longrifle. .22 rimfire rounds are extremely light, and with a scope and a properly-fortified high school I can spend years defending myself without ever having to leave.

    I was actually talking about it earlier today. I choose a longrifle because of lightweight ammo, in case I ever do have to move I can carry so much more than any other kind of round. I choose a high school because it’s such an easily-defensible building. It comes complete with locking iron gates, shatter-proof wired glass, hundreds of rooms, many hallways and doors, and even a cafeteria stocked with non-perishables!

    It’s all in my book.


    INB4 “.22 can’t kill zombies.”

    .22 rimfire rounds have enough energy to pierce the skull, but not enough to blow out the other side. It instead hits the other side of the skull and bounces around inside like a golf ball throw hard in a raquetball court, effectively destroying the brain.


    I Want a chain-fed full-automatic 2mm handgun!

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