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    I lol’d.



    it wouldnt be the first time it was destroyed


    They’re praying to a meteorite… I’m not sure if that’s funny or not. Just interesting.


    They’re playing Bingo.


    The holiest site in all of Islam, the Black Rock.

    Yeah, probably just a meteorite.


    What if a suicide bomber went there before his mission and accidently bumped into somebody?


    It’d be blamed on America.


    ah, good point.


    Nothing a good 2ooolb air burst couldn’t fix.


    Yay! Islam! Do we have any Muslims in our midst?


    Make it a church and I say boom!

    no ghost just a shell.

    My parents are Muslims and they are great people to be honest and I am raised up as a Muslim.

    I cannot say I am a Muslim to be honest because I only commit acts of terrorism on my spare time.


    ‘Terrorism’ is as integral to the muslim faith as going on crusades is to the Christian faith.


    and in todays weather, Mecca is experiencing a gullibility high pressure zone expected to drive all common sense and free thinking from the region for weeks to come…


    I spent 4 years in the middle east during the 1980’s and 90’s (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Kuwait) and the more I learned about islam the more I thought it one of the worst faiths to exist to modern times.

    As much as don’t care for Scientology, at least their crazies don’t enlist to being suicide bombers killing whoever happens to be around.

    General X

    I am a Muslim. We pray towards Mecca, or the Kaba, not at it. We pray to God. Mecca or Kaba, the black rectangle is one of the common things all Muslims have. We all turn in one way as a sign of togetherness and unity. The meteorite there is said to be simply a rock from the Garden of Eden that God sent down to Earth, an oddity bearing no real significance. Islam gets a bad rep from people who distort it. Suicide is one of the greatest sings in Islam. God gets to decide when you go, not… Read more »


    Don’t any of these people have minds? Can’t they realize a rock doesn’t need to be prayed to? Not even a meteorite.


    Its a cool rock. Im not a muslim, and I’d like to see it. Stop bashing fgs!


    Jesus got nailed up because it was God’s will. Those jabbering rag head camel shaggers flew airplanes into the trade towers because it was God’s will. Kids were crippled by polio and died in misery because it was God’s will. The United States burned farmers in their straw huts and murdered children for 10 years in Vietnam because it was God’s will. A pope got gut shot because it was God’s will. Shall I go on, or do you get the point?