Homeless Man And His Dog


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    Alec Dalek

    Where does the man end, and the dog begin?


    So cute yet so sad.


    this looks like another one of those photographs using models living a “homeless” lifestyle for art.


    It is bad I really only feel bad for the dog?




    I saw these guys in Portland all the time… dude, if you’re young, physically able, and aren’t COMPLETELY insane, then you can get a job. Stop panhandling, you’re not fighting the system, you’re being a lazy worthless self-absorbed shit.


    Welcome to America, enjoy your stay.


    rule 34?


    4. It is bad I really only feel bad for the dog?
    Comment by theblackmask — March 3, 2008 10:19 am

    Not at all. The dog is cute and it can’t do anything to improve its situation. The man on the other hand should get a damn job so he can support his cute dog, lol.



    I felt the same way.


    faked! no homeless person has hair that well kept. Besides, I paid another homeless man 4 dollars to kill a guy that looked just like him.


    – Whatever your privileged urban high school told you about fighting the system is wrong: believe it or not, not every American has unlimited access to the economic opportunities that are readily available to you. Begging and visible poverty are the two most dehumanizing conditions available. Enough people see you on the sidewalk begging for break – that is to say, enough comfy spoiled brats like you – it fucks their head, and they never get out of the gutter. One month homeless, and by that time your mind is so fucked you’re not ever likely to crawl up again.

    People are meant to live in small bands based on mutual survival. That kind of unnatural state breaks people. And cunts like you don’t help: I can’t believe that you would have such a low regard for another human being that you couldn’t even just ignore the destitute. I can’t believe your opinion or yourself is so low that you’d kick them while they’re down, you fucking cunt.



    Rant all that you want, but when my parents owned our ranch in Arizona, we offered to give a bum room n board plus $300 a week in exchange for working on the ranch.

    He said that he made more money panhandling at the airport than what we would offer and all he had to do was sit there. So IMHO bums like that can f*ck off, most of em are struggling, yes… but they can get up, there are a bunch of day workers in Amarillo that are bums, but they are willing to at least try to work… And I cant tell you how many times ive watched people give bums money and they head to the 7-11 and buy smokes and booze… I will buy em food, but I will not give em money.


    : I’m assuming you don’t learn how to read in Arizona.

    1) I said, once you’re a beggar, you almost always get in a certain mindset and can’t get out. They’re lost people.

    2) All I say is leave em alone if you can’t say something nice. They’re fucked and they don’t need no one to be throwing their comfy little theories at them.


    Oh woe is me. Fuckwad Caio is here to tell us all that we’re insensitive clods for living our life and realizing that you can do anything you put your mind to in this country (at least until Hussein Obama gets elected and implements socialism).

    You’re a fucking retard. These bums are nothing but bums, and living off of society’s dole. They have every opportunity afforded to them in this country if they would just get off their ass and work for it.

    Oh I know, you’ll retort with your usual “it’s a neverending catch 22.” Wow, poor bum off the street can’t go to a shelter, work a volunteer job to get a reputation and then use that to get a job. There are hundreds of scenarios where a bum could reform and get a life. The fact is, you douchebag, most of them are alcoholics and are homeless because of that. So fuck off, you rotten elitist piece of shit, Caio. You’re not special because you “care.” You’re not worth more than me because you give a shit about alcoholics who ruin their own life. In fact, you’re anti-American and should fuck off and die.


    Anti-american? I think you just took away whatever meaning that phrase once had.

    Lemme try: You use words and typing. Anti-american.


    True or false: You support ideals and beliefs that are contrary to the beliefs of the founding fathers of America. You advocate socialism, economic and social welfare, and socialism in general.

    True. Thus, you are an anti-American douche.


    I advocate socialism? Because I don’t think you should bitch out a homeless dude and just leave him alone? I believe that is called ‘christian’, Bodero. Did I ever suggest government spending? Actually, you were the one who mentioned shelters.
    But, anyway, by the time Marx was born, most of the forefathers were dead or elderly, and none would have seen the publication of Das Capital, so I doubt a single one would have had an opinion on socialism. But I believe what the forefathers supported was freedom of conscience no?


    As erudite as you pretend you are, you’d think someone of your utmost intelligence would have read a single page of The Federalist Papers. Scratch that, it would be contrary to your self-blessed divine thought.


    I’m with Ciao… although I do know that there are some beggars who make decent money from just begging, the lame part about it is that they lie and fake that they have no money at all.

    But there definitely are some who AREN’T lying and really do need some help. There actually are some people who believe that they shouldn’t have to sell their soul to their employer. They don’t want to be in that cycle of buying all this American disposable useless crap that everyone is only obsessed because they won’t have to stop and realize that their lives are really empty and soulless.


    I assume you’re referring to this:
    Which every republican has copied and pasted over the last few years without careful reading or context.

    It seems to me to be quite ponderous, a bit pragmatic (for lack of a better word), and republican in the traditional sense of the word, that is, suspicious of the old-world monarchical institutions of the day. But, I’m not sure how this one man’s statement is against Freedom of Conscience. Care to enlighten me? By citing passages in context?


    Emergency food supply.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “You support ideals and beliefs that are contrary to the beliefs of the founding fathers of America.”
    The last thing that any of the founders would have wanted is blind worship of guys who have been dead for 200 years.
    That said: fuck the homeless. Look at that guy’s sneakers, there’s no way those bright white shoelaces have been on the street for more than a few days. deuce is right, you see these kind of guys all the time in Portland, Seattle and SF, spanging for beer money off of tourists and going home to their yuppie parents in the suburb when things get really tough.



    Don’t worry about Bodero; he’s just angry that you out-thought him.

    But seriously, if all of us bothered to actually know what we’re talking about here (i.e. spent time around the homeless, do some research, etc.), it’d become really obvious really quickly that a large portion of these people are seriously mentally ill, and none of us would be laughing.



    Fuck homeless people. I’ve got videogames to buy.


    bodero has returned trolling and making himself hated.

    demo geek … AGREED (on a small scale)


    I’m Navy, so really my whole theory for homeless people is “Wanna stop being homeless? ENLIST!”

    Then I show them that “Military Employee of the Month” picture of a flag-covered casket from Futurama. Ya know, back before showing that picture was considered treason lol.


    Ya know, from the episode back before ~*

    “War is The H-word”


    When I see people holding up signs (granted I have the time) as long as it says “hungry” or “looking for food” or something of the sort, I’ll pull over at the nearest fast food chain, purchase a medium combo, and hand deliver it to them with a smile, a wave, then walk off.

    The theory is, if they were after money, they should feel bad because of me being nice to them, or if they really needed the food, they got another warm meal for the time being.

    Thusfar, in about 2 years worth of trials, everyone whom I’d given the food to has been grateful for it, and didn’t appear to be outwardly lying.


    Don’t make the mistake of lumping together all “bums” into one category… there’s the truly fucked up ones who are mentally incapable of integrating into society, and then there’s the street rats who chose their lifestyle because it’s counterculture and they think it’s cool or whatnot… believe me, the latter category DOES exist, and this guy looks like one of them.

    I’m happy to give money or food to the ones who are actually bad off, most especially the veterans whom this country fucked up the ass without lube or reacharound. Hell, I’d be all for a “safety net” for the worst off in this country so they can have housing and basic necessities of living instead of having to live under bridges. Whoever calls it “socialism” and bashes it like it’s the worst, most un-American thing ever to take care of our worst off, can eat my ass with a side of dick… “socialism” for corporations, farmers, and religions is already alive and well in this country.

    But don’t be sitting on the street, all able-bodied and having perfect diction and expect me to give you money just cuz you fucking demand it. And don’t be surprised if I have nothing but contempt for you and your ilk after you bitch me out for not giving you money you didn’t earn. You actually that hungry? Eat your dog.

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