X-Box Original Vs The Wii Console


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    Yes but which one can make someone destroy their own TV?


    Guess this means something if you’re numbers-obsessed. I had fun with both, but the Xbox got shipped off to anysoldier in Iraq, and the Wii’s still in my house.


    this means that nintendo do better things with sligthly less good technology than microsoft.
    wait is that redundant?


    the console war should be between the companies making the consoles, just like macs and pc’s. can’t we all play nice?

    its like applejacks: we eat what we like


    very lulzy…

    but are the numbers true?
    (BTW, wii’s aren’t a video game counsel, they are a senior citizen entertainment device)


    the *real* console war should involve some Battlebot tech, and a cage match.


    They should put the images to scale…

    Alec Dalek

    Yeah but Xbox didn’t have “Gay Faggy Fag Fag Mario Faggy Brothers Wangbasket Shitwhistle Galaxy 5”.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    “(BTW, wii’s aren’t a video game counsel, they are a senior citizen entertainment device”

    SO true.

    Wii’s are for people who get confused by actual videogames.

    Alec Dalek

    So Nintendo basically tricked everyone into buying another Xbox for $300. Well, gay people anyway.

    Luke Magnifico

    No, no, you’ve got it all wrong, Alec. They’re spending $300 on an Xbox PLUS a gimmicky controller that kinda sucks a bit.


    Alec, you are right. The queers are infecting our video game culture. If Senator Santorum were still around, he would not have stood for this. Thankfully, we still have Presidential Candidate Huckabee and Sen Lott who want to de-fag this great nation and its video game consoles.

    All right boys, let’s put on our queer stomping boots and get to work! It’s time to teach those dog-fucking homos a lesson!


    Gah, this is fanboyism at its worst. If you don’t like a console, don’t complain about it, especially if you’re just doing if you haven’t played the console a lot. Its just a matter of choice. Its similar to the pc vs. console. The Wii is a great console, especially the way you play on it, its fun. The only real problem is the lack of epic games for it. If you want to be a fanboy and bash a console, though, please do it with real complaints, not just immature jokes, I’d understand if you could present good arguments,… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    Gamenac, why do you have to fail so hard? You are taking this seriously. MCS is not a place for srs biznatch, it is a place for hookers and Jack Daniels and console fanboyism!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    I love it when pinheads ride in here on high horses to take the role of judiciary and try to calm everyone/spoil everyones fun.

    Fuckoff idiots.

    Gay gay homo gay. Offended? Good. I want your last thoughts before the ol’AIDS gets you to be negative ones.

    har har.


    Gamenac has it right. If consoles were all about power then the PS3 would be the best atm. We all know that’s not true.


    I’m not sure what you’re insinuating, mAgnUS. I hate faggots.


    I dislike this association of fanboyism and homosexuality.

    Fanboys exist in equal percentages in both the gay and straight communities (Maybe more so in the straight/homophobic area, as they have a tendency to be more closed minded).

    Having said that, the Wii is for pussies (of all orientations). Xbox and 360 are classic genre consoles. Fuck waving that white wang around.


    ITT: People who hate socializing and prefer playing video games by themselves… because other people are scary. >:(


    XBOX PROS: – Amazing graphics – Popular games (Halo, ect) – Fun multiplayer – Upload your mp3s onto the hard drive and listen to them while you play – Cool controller?* WII PROS: – Incredibly interactive – Fun! – Sweet wireless remote-style controller – More multiplayer-compatible – Affordable! XBOX CONS: – HOLY SHIT THATS FUCKING HUGE – Chunky – Overheats too easily – Took me like half an hour to find out how to open the fucking disc bay WII CONS: – Shitty graphics, mostly – You look like a old woman with down syndrome when you play it alone… Read more »


    I vote for punching kids in the face.

    //stupid kids


    Hahaha, I love these threads. People argue and argue and argue… “how can xbox, with it’s superior hardware, still have the shittiest games in the universe?” versus “how can the wii, with it’s oh-so-last-year’s teachnology, be taking the market by storm? Mine’s faster, see? why won’t you buy it? WHYYY?” If you want the games, buy the damn games, and to hell with what system they run on! Yes, some games have more cpu opponents on faster consoles, or dynamic lighting or online components or something but you know, you’ll always be buying more and more hardware, as old stuff… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    “I love it when pinheads ride in here on high horses to take the role of judiciary and try to calm everyone/spoil everyones fun.”

    I just got to quote myself.

    mgear doesn’t read so good. No preaching for you a-hole. You suck cocks.


    Magnus wants to have the last word. Word.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The last word again implies an argument.

    You are one of the people on here who need to lighten the fuck up. I guess not everyone is meant to get it.

    🙁 for you


    And there he is again.


    If ONE thing I hate, when someone brings up “That console is gay because the graphics are not that good as in mine”. OK, now you wanna see a fucking pixar movie, or play a fun and entertaining game that last almost forever? Because I have more fun with my Battlefield 1942 than any other FPS game relaised since then. A video game should look like a GAME, not a friggin’ movie. Thats why we have ingame movies. A video game should entertaine me, and not make me sit in front of it 12 hours a day just to collect… Read more »


    In 20 years? Barely any games. Maybe Half Life and Halo, but nothing compared to Pong/Space Invaders/Pacman.

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