Optimus Prime is a patriot!


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    Alec Dalek

    Are you sure you want to go this route? I mean Optimus was actually kind of a hippie, what with wanting to preserve all like and protect nature and hacky sack. Megatron, now that’s patriot. He’s the kind of guy that would sell weapons of mass destruction to someone, then accuse them of having them, and then use weapons of mass destruction against them. Or is that more like Shockwave. Either way, Bush sucks.


    Kinda funny…considering he was created in Japan.

    Alec Dalek

    The toy was created in Japan. The character was created over here.


    I it said parrot. I was most disappointed.


    The name was created in America, but the toy/character was still made in Japan. He was known as convoy in Japan. But, he was still the same character.

    Alec Dalek

    Yes that was the Japanese name, but the toy started out as part of the Diaclone line. The original character was actually just a mindless drone, and had a human in the driver seat controlling it. There where several of them with the same design, but different colour (the blue one is highly sought after).

    Alec Dalek

    Also, the original toy came with a little “micro-man” which went in the cab. That’s why you can open that compartment on the toy.


    I dislike the association of noble Optimus with a sick government of republican running dogs responsible for hacking through the constitution and civil liberties.


    If it were just the republicans, then it would be easy to stop. alas, it is the democrats, too. they are all fucking pirates, and they all pillage teh booty

    Alec Dalek

    I love how some Americans are so deluded, they’ve convinced themselves that all the problems caused by the republicans in power for the last 8 years were actually caused by the democrats who’ve only recently gotten a small amount of power. By that logic, all the stuff the neo-cons bitched about Bill Clinton must have actually come from the Republicans.


    Neo-con = Communist Leader of Zion? I don’t care about politics, I just live my life and has as much fun as I can doing it regardless of who’s in charge. It’s natural for people to bitch, and when there’s nothing to bitch about, attack the regime, right? BACK ON TOPIC, The transformers toy line was made in Japan, then bought by the legendary toy company in America where two suit0-wearin guys were sitting around and decided to make a cartoon show about said toys. They grouped all the vehicular transformers together as the good guy, coined “Autobots,” and all… Read more »