Life of Riley- Perverse Genius

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In a moment of Perverse genius, Aaron successfully hooks up his Atari 2600 to Dolby digital surround 5.1

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    DO WANT!!!


    I loled!

    tiki god

    I’ve had my NES hooked up to my 42 inch tv before.

    then I realized that was craziness, cause mario was like a foot tall.


    finally, a barely plausible reason to post this link in context:


    Motherfuck. Last night I was playing Starfox 64 when I realized how amazing it sounded on my 5.1, and I literally paused the game and took a moment to try and remember whether or not I had a 2600 in the garage.

    Alec Dalek

    That’s nothing. I build my own Pong game system (Vellemen kit) and hooked it up to my HDTV. Just think what Pong sounds like in 5.1 surround!


    methinks one needs no excuse to link xkcd. Take it in or out of context, 8/10 comics are hilarious.


    My only question is, “IS there a correct context for xkcd?”

    I thought the point of xkcd was that there was hardly any context at all.

    And I love it.


    Life of Riley mirror. This is the only place I know where The Life of Riley is still available for reading. EXCELLENT webcomic for its day. Real shame what happened to it.


    All manner of fucking win, I’d love to see them add to or even complete it. Ain’t gonna happen, but still… great comic.


    Haha. I watched someone play the original FF for the NES on a 62″ screen television, and it actually gave me a headache, since the game was never designed to go that big. I think it was the framerate or something like that.

    It was still kickass though.

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