Durex Extra Large Hurdle Advertisement


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    Yea, seems about right.


    This happens to me every time I try to do hurdles.

    I only wish it was because of my wang.


    I feel this man’s pain. As having an exceptionally large wang I too can attest that it is not easy. Doing any kind of sport is all but impossible as I will find myself literally tripping over my gargantuan member. Trying to carry on any social interaction is equally encumbering as my bulge draws all attention to it. While shopping I have been harassed countless times as security guards and other employees will accuse me of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of food, electronics, and other commodities. People just don’t understand what it’s like to have a giant penis.


    @tetris: yes they do, you’re just on the wrong board. Try lpsg.org. Somehow I don’t think you’ll be able to *hang* with the big boys there.


    Pffft! There LAWs are nothing compared to my Minuteman!


    Wow. I thought I had an above average sized cock, but certainly not: Mine doesn’t even come close to touching the ground while I stand, and my lack of skill at hurdling can be better attributed to my inability to jump high, my hight, and a certain lack of coordination. With 3-4 foot wangs being so common, I can only assume that all those girls were just lying to please me.

    :((( This is a sad bit of information indeed