Swat M4

police-0008.jpg (170 KB)

que long comment thread on the gun specs…

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    I’m pretty sure this is a GD3. It was used by the Global Defense Initiative before switching to the GD4.


    Yeah. The marines would win….

    waiiiit, wrong thread! >.<


    DPMS Panther arms LR-308 ap4 > this


    I heard that this one fires metal bullets. It’s all like ‘pew pew pew’.


    ahh, the militarization of our police forces!


    Natedog is right. We should not give our police anything they can use to combat the bigger firearms easily attained on the black market.


    oh, you are sooo right, Mantis. i mean, the police kill and injure more people than all those bad people filling our neighborhoods with assault rifles.

    i mean, it’s like everyday i see how groups of armed people are killing police by the dozens.

    i got an idea! let’s give assault rifles to assholes on power trips! and then never hold any cops anywhere liable for any of the bullshit killings they do…

    if cops can have these, and criminals can get them on the ‘black market’ then average citizens should have them as well…

    2nd Amendment:

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


    Natedog, you act as if every cop out there is walking around carrying an assault rifle. The fact of the matter is that weapons like this are usually only used by specially trained members of a police force in certain situations. Your average patrolman/woman is not going to be carrying this weapon around.

    And the average citizen IS allowed to own a weapon like this. In most states, anyway. You’d probably be surprised at what the average citizen can legally buy so long as he or she has a clean record.


    you look at any cop today and they wear tactical gear any day of the week.

    tazer happy asshats


    because a tazer is an assualt rifle?
    Also, it’s SWAT M4, not Ordinary Police Guy M4. Nobody’s gonna pay to outfit the entire police force of every town with these things.
    Also 2nd amendment doesn’t let me have artillery, does it? And if so, where can I buy some?


    Right, every cop is an asshole on a power trip. And every black guy is a criminal, and every Chinese person can’t drive. Blanket generalizations are fun and good for society!


    What does that prove, Natedog? Technically, even those rent-a-cops who work at malls wear “tactical” gear(mace, “tactical” flashlight, utility belt).

    No, but if you get a 5 kill streak you can at least call in an air strike.


    I originally read that as “No, but if you get a 5 kill streak you get a killing spree.” I’m not sure we can be friends.

    That aside, COD4 is a good game, but I don’t have it and halo is still fun.

    (cough) but with the topic. Uh…
    I want it?


    American gun laws are stupid. Why exactly does your average Jo Citizen need something like this?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “American gun laws are stupid. Why exactly does your average Jo Citizen need something like this?”
    Because Awesome is a constitutional right. Look it up.


    Why keep something like this from average joe citizen? I mean, if your average citizen is something to be scared of, then you (as a gov’t) are doing something wrong. Keep your populace armed and you’re more likely to have a gov’t that works (scared officials do the right thing!)


    I actually own a rifle like this, the one I mentioned previously, only instead of a .223 5.56 Nato round I fire a .308 7.62×51 Winchester. I use it for hunting. It’s fucking. awesome. Drops a deer like there is no tomorrow. Also, I have used it for boar hunting.

    I think Englands gun laws are stupid. Really they only have one law; thou shalt not have a firearm.

    Shooting guns is fucking awesome. If you say otherwise that means 2 things
    1) You’ve never fired one
    2) You haven’t fired one enough.


    Because disarming the public is the first step in genocide. Not to mention that, just because the average law abiding joe can’t have it doesn’t mean the criminal can’t. If a criminal can have it, I should be able to equally defend myself…The police being 15 minutes away won’t help when I have a weapon pointed at me.

    Of course you can own artillery…you just need to be a Class III dealer…riiiiiiiiiiiiight 🙂

    Well said. I doubt he’s touched one. He’s more afraid of guns than that 3000lb weapon he drives to work every day. (not to mention power tools, wall sockets, dogs, broken glass…)


    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “not to mention power tools, wall sockets, dogs, broken glass…”
    and pneumatic cattle guns


    LOL That’s what happens when you que long comment threads on gun specs…

    oh and um… DO WANT!


    what kind of price tag are we talking for this baby?


    ok i dont know who put the label on this pic but this is a p99 which is a varient of a p90 which looks very very close to this
    next time get your gun facts straight


    Are you kidding me?


    : killerrabbit
    I’m with Mantis. That looks NOTHING like a P90. You’d best be trolling.


    o and ya forgot to mention how they all go “Pew, pew, pew…” rofl… Wise ass… 😛



    Around a 1000USD without any of the fancy shit on it. Which, like most “Assault rifles” is Bullshit, Since the AK-47, is Cheaper, Doesn’t shoot .22 rounds, and can be Buried in the Sand for 20 years and then
    dug up to shoot a Commie.


    Teutonic Logic

    Like the militarization of LE is a bad thing, I think large police forces like LA, NY or Houston should have heavy weapons like mortars, medium calibar tripod mounted machine guns and tracked APCs. I’m sure older M113’s could be aquired easily from the FG.

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