How To Good-bye Depression!

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    Ah, finally. Just the book I was looking for…


    So, do I do sets of 20, or 1 every couple minutes?
    Uh… just out of curiosity. Not that I’d do this or anything. STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!

    T G Geko

    and the Sequel “How to Good-bye grammer: logic? or the better way?”


    I think constricting anus 100 times and denting navel 100 times in succession everyday is effective to good-bye depression and take back youth. You can do so at a boring meeting or in a subway. I have known 70-year-old man who has practiced it for 20 years. As a result, he has good complexion and has grown 20 years younger. His eyes sparkle. He is full of vigor, happiness and joy. He has neither complained nor born a grudge under any circumstance. Furthermore, he can make love three times in succession without drawing out. In addition, he also can have… Read more »


    Does one long contraction while you dash to the bathroom after a night of tequila and enchiladas count?

    Alec Dalek