Gold Plated Desert Eagle With Ammo


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    .38? are you fucking serious? fucking splurge for a .50AE


    i like the tiger stripe pattern..


    Wer’s ma muuuney biatch!

    The worlds first 100% pimpin’ iron.

    You have to love it.


    No, no, no…

    You don’t get Gold Plated Tiger stripes on CoD4…

    Go with Blue Tiger, its cooler…


    as hideous as i think this is, i would be a liar if i said i didnt want it. Looks way better in the blued steel. 2-3k really isnt that bad considering all the different caliber barrels that are included.


    That is .50 AE by the way. Most revolver cartridges, including .38 & .44 mag, have a rim. The cartridges in the picture are rimless.

    That and they are freakin’ huge.


    I just came.

    And those are most definintely .50’s. Still though, a .38 can cause any equal damage than a .50. Depends on range.


    uh no?…
    there is such a thing as a .38 semi. which is what you see here. they are not rimmed. but for revolver ammo has to be rimmed or else it will fall out the cylinder. i am willing to put my left nut on the line. i am that sure they are .38



    That is definately a .50 AE. you can see the caliber designation on the side of the barrel piece by the muzzle. it is below the barrel itself, where the guide rod would be. You can also look at the ammo itself. As kocollins mentioned, revolver cartriges are rimmed, and if you look carefully, you can see the .50 AE around the primer of some of the cartriges in the picture as well. It helps to know what you are talking about and to actually pay attention to a picture before bitching about it.



    As far as damage goes, range has nothing to do with a .38 causing more damage than a .50. A .50 is a larger bullet and will leave a larger hole in tissue. the only way a .38 would have any way of causing more tissue damage would be if it was shot at a much higher velocity, such as with a .38 +p round or maybe extending that to a .357 magnum round. However, in general and with almost any factory loads, the .50 is more damaging because it is a bigger, heavier bullet. Physics can be fun!!!


    It look like the Fiddy Cent .Fifty AE line haha.
    that thing is just hideous.


    I dont know why but that gun looks more like an Airsoft version than the real deal.


    DO WANT!!!


    @ mastershake4071

    looks like you owe someone a left nut my good sir…


    mastershake is talking about .38 super. The desert eagle isn’t chambered for .38 super, but it is chambered for .357 mag, .41 mag, .41 AE, .44 mag & .50 AE. While it’s likely you could get a .38 special to fire in a desert eagle that’s chambered for .357 mag, it most likely wouldn’t have the oomph needed to cycle the gas operated bolt. Here’s a picture of .38 super for comparison I once shot one of these chambered in .44 mag. Due to the gas operation, it was very controllable and pleasant compared to .44 mag revolvers I’ve… Read more »


    Why not under Sexy?

    casemods UID# 667


    Those .22’s might annoy someone.