Lunar Eclipse




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    my city said it might be cloudy …ill prob forget about it anyways.


    thanks for the reminder, I almost forgot.


    My wife told me that it was the 13th. That night, we stood outside in the freezing cold for almost 30 minutes staring at the crescent moon. Finally I said, “Bitch! There ain’t no damn eclipse! Go inside and make me a sammich!!”


    Later in the week there will be a total eclipse of the heart.


    Of course it’s tomorrow, when it’ll be overcast and dumping snow and ice.


    It’s actually tonight. It ends at 0009 Feb 21st but it starts the 20th.


    Guys guys its happening right now looooook

    tiki god

    it is happening right this very moment! my camera sucks though all my pictures look like shit

    someone take good photos of this thing!


    it’s perfectly clear and it looks awesome here. the city is totally silent — i can’t even hear any traffic on main st.

    it’s kind of freaking me out a little bit, actually.


    My fingers are having trouble moving now, but it was totally worth it. But I digress, did anyone else hear about being able to see a planet, I think it was Venus.


    it was pretty. the planet was saturn.


    its 10:09pm and the moon is coming out the other side. My face and legs are frozen but it was cool. It looked like it was fluctuating- getting lighter and then suddenly darker very quickly — or was that just me?


    Ok. That was pretty sweet. I’m not staying for it to completely uncover, so good night.


    That was freaking brilliant. I’m cold and drunk and I’ve still got to do work tonight, but it was totally worth it: I’ve never seen an eclipse before because of clouds, but tonight there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Lot’s of stars, too.

    – I think you might be right. i was wondering about that too, but I wasn’t quite sure if it was just from staring.


    Mother. Fucking. Overcast.


    A friend and I found it right before it was completely covered, then saw it start to peek out the other side, then it got completely clouded over 🙁

    tiki god

    that was your local holographic projectors dipping some power.


    I love living in the mountains in Colorado. From up here, there was a perfect view of the entire eclipse.