Jericho Flag

jerichoflag.jpg (15 KB)

This flag has really weirded out some people. What does everything think?

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    I think an organization is claiming to be the official government of the United States and is comprised of 21 states.

    Never seen the show though so what ever.

    Alec Dalek

    On Jericho, the US has been split in two, with the Mississippi acting as the border (and with UN troops on both sides). This flag belongs to the western half (called the Allied States of America), lead by the conspirators that blew up almost every major US city, and the eastern half, which comprises what’s left of the original US government in Columbus Ohio (the one city they missed).


    Wow. This actually sounds like an interesting show. Going to try and see if I can pick it up from the beginning.

    Hoban Washburne

    You can watch every episode for free on


    not true … there was no bomb in NYC. but with all the cities around it being nuked im sure NYC would be covered in radioactive fallout

    tiki god

    I loved this show, but then it started to go off on a “Lost” tangent, and I lost interest…and then the last couple episodes came out, and I regained my interest. Fucking win!

    Alec Dalek

    We don’t actually know what happened to New York. There was a rumour that it was saved, but don’t forget that the people that said it lied about everything else they’d said. And since Columbus is in charge and there’s no mention of New York, it probably got nuked.


    The symbolism of this flag is great. with the stripes now running up and down, it shows that all the “values” of America have been turned on their head and stained with the blood of innocents. and how there is on star in the middle and all the others surround it……great show, i really like what they are doing with it.