Scientology Kills


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    Alec Dalek

    Look at it this way, at least they steal away some of the loonies from other religions. Gotta spread that ignorance around.


    Now call me n00b, but who exactly are number 3, 5 and 6 in the lower row?


    are the people on top just some random people or what?


    #5 in the lower row is Jason Lee.

    While I believe that everyone should have the right to proactice their religion, I don’t think that something created by a science fiction writer qualifies as a valid religion. Science FICTION! what next, people worshiping Sauron?


    You’re being glib, Tempus. You don’t know the history of Sauron. I do.


    Hell, I say let them have their own religion. The reason they get away with what they do is because they can throw enough money at the judicial system to overwhelm it. Even with freedom of religion, a Priest or Pastor shouldn’t be above the same laws – civil and criminal – that apply to us all.


    Silly Tempus, worship Melkor, not Sauron. Melkor, the original bamf of Middle Earth.


    For the benefit of Goldfinger, the bottom row is Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kelly Preston (Travolta’s wife), Jenna Elfman, Jason Lee, and Juliette Lewis.


    thx joe. Those people actually give private lessons for students here (South Hesse, Germany, to be more exact). But instead of saying “Hai, guys, were the Church of Scientology and were gonna get your kids” they tell the children how to be a better human being with dianetics. They even suggest auditing. Of course, only to make the kids learn better. Has nothing to do with Scientology who are being watched by Federal Office for the Protection of the Constution. Nonono, just private lessons. And that’s why those fuck-ups in Berlin don’t do anything about it. Because it’s just private… Read more »


    And may I add: Ha fraggin’ ha.
    It would be funny if those Scientology freaks weren’t so dangerous. And spooky (at least the ones i’ve met).


    “Mayy on February 19th, 2008 9:32 pm

    You’re being glib, Tempus. You don’t know the history of Sauron. I do.”

    Lol nice. I think i’m the only one that actually got that though.


    I’ll be honest. I don’t like the idea of scientology. I won’t capitalize it. But I sure as hell would fuck the shit out of (and maybe even into) Jenna Elfman. Especially how she looked on Two and a Half Men (especially if she’s actually that nuts).

    purple banana

    Right you are, reptilecobra… But Melkor sounds like some wimpy glasses-wearing jewish kid into D&D….

    I prefer Morgoth 🙂

    Everyone knows Sauron was Morgoth’s little bitch.


    Sigh… Such a shame about Jenna Elfman… 😛


    Question – who really gives a shit about the Scientologists and the brainwashed assholes they prey upon??

    I am more offended by the Jehovas Witnesses who actively bring their bullshit to my door than I am about Scientologists that leave me alone.

    As far as I am concerned they can ass rape and kill their new members all they want – I will never be one, so it is not my problem.