Tools Of The Trade


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    But what trade are they the tools of?

    Luke Magnifico

    Maybe….Torture guy?

    I was going to say surgeon, but then I saw that there’s only one sharp blade. Mostly jagged saw blades. For flesh rending.

    Perhaps a lumberjack of very small trees? A bonsai lumberjack?


    It looks to me like a civil war era hospital kit, though it’s not very complete.




    thats a bone saw ain’t it?


    Jack the Ripper?

    purple banana

    Hannibal Lecter.

    Paul Krendler’s “cooking” materials, if I am right?

    Now you’re being rude, and I hate rude people…


    I do believe the bottom left appiance is for cutting open veins for leeching. With leeches. So this is some old school medieval doctors kit.


    I’m going with bonsai lumberjack.


    My guess: Ship surgeon.

    “If it’s not 100% efficient, cut it off”.


    My best guess, Civil War Surgeons kit. Only a partial set though, they forgot the whiskey.


    SAW IV am i right?


    My first thought was that it was for breaking and entering. Guess I don’t watch enough horror movies. But there are no lock pick tools so that isn’t it. What makes me think it’s not a surgeons kit are two items, the tiny hammer and the core taking device (lower left corner). Plus the lack of variety in scalpels. And the wide variety of chisels. If it is a surgeons kit I’d suspect bits are missing. My best guess is … I have no idea. I’d go with tree surgeon but for the lack of a heavy hammer. The item… Read more »


    Could be an orthopedic. It’s got a saw, drills, scalpel, forceps, two chisels, a small hammer and a stripper. It’s all about cutting and stripping and drilling and nailing.

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