TMNT Group Shot



This movie was surprisingly good?

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    No It Wasn’t, They Should All Die A Slow And Painful Death, Stupid Mutated Turdules.


    not so sure on the slow death, slow means we have to put up with this shit longer.


    I give nostalgia quite a bit of leeway when I watch movies, but even that wasn’t enough for this one. Some of the fight scenes were neat, but it was a HORRIBLE movie all in all.
    Goodnight, sweet princes.


    Well I liked it! So there! That is about all I have to say about it …


    Do you know what pisses me off about TNMT as a whole? When they put the /first/ movie out, they made everyone Michelangelo. There was no one to do machines so no machines, Splinter had to be rewritten from sensei to leader, no one was really cool, and the crudeness was too evenly distributed to be salient. It was just four party dudes.

    Frankly, why do you need four identical party dudes? Two would suffice. Hell, howabout just make it about michelangelo and April: You only need two to high five.