Unites States Flag Of Death


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    Alec Dalek

    THIS is why so many people hate you and want to blow up your buildings. Stop dropping bombs on the rest of the world and we’ll leave you alone!


    We’re going to liberate the shit out of you…


    Just a question, whats your opinion on the United States involvement in Africa?


    HA! Involvement?


    And that’s why Alec is a retard.

    Alec Dalek

    Wow, you are SO cool, dude! That’s the best insult anyone has every thought up. Well, the best thing anyone with an under 40 IQ has ever come up with. We have to consider the source. I guess that’s like Shakesphere to you. You must know at least TWICE as many letters of the alphabet than your father/brother/cousin/inbred sire. Wow, good for you!


    Token, Alec might’ve used other words to express that, but believe me… Americans are no longer liked in the world today, mostly because of what they’ve done in the last 6-7 years.


    You know, I’ve been rereading the Getica, which deals largely with the final collapse of the Roman Empire, and I was thinking how it might be a lesson to Modern America I mean after all they considered these confederations nothing more than barbarians with no technology, but the Romans were lazy and confident and sat in their mansions depending on the same barbarian forces that destroyed them when they smelled blood in the water (the blood of apathy) and so on.
    But then I stopped caring about that and got to thinking about how awesome the Goths were when instead of crying mascara tears they killed people and burned villages. Food for thought, Goths. Food for thought.

    Alec Dalek

    Good point Caio. One of the things that killed the Roman Empire is they ran out of slaves. Which parallels modern times with outsourcing. What happens when the Indians, Philippinoes, and such stop working for you and start building up their own nations.
    Another thing that killed the Roman Empire was Christianity. They fought Christianity, but only created more converts. Sounds a lot like what’s happening in Iraq right now with the Muslims. So much for fighting them there so we don’t have to fight them here. It’s actually just creating more and more terrorists. And why not? If some other nation came along and killed your family, you’d have nothing to lose.
    The song “Bombs” by Faithless say it all.


    As an American living in Germany, I would compare American’s relation to the world to being similar to the popular girl in school. She generally doesn’t care what’s going on in other people’s lives, but everyone else either covets her or has heard all the rumors. Also, the popular girl sometimes randomly beats the crap out of one of the less popular girls.

    Luke Magnifico

    Well, yes. But as a non-American living in non-America, I think it’s more probable that everyone hates this girl because she’s conceited and moronic, and everyone’s just tired of her shit. Also, she has herpes from sleeping with everyone she can find.


    Yeah Alec, you’re too sophisticated for us hill billy Americans. Have fun paying higher taxes and going to shitty government run hospitals. Keep eating the bullshit your socialistic government feeds you, it’s working wonders for you.


    As a non-American who just went to Montana a few days ago, I saw some kids hitting a pile of snow with a baseball bat. And last month when I went, I saw a completely different group of kids smoking up and throwing shovels at a pile of snow. I gotta say, wtf? Are these the same kids who’ll be running the free world in a couple decades, because, like, wtf? It’s a pile of snow.


    Yeah Caio, misjudge a bunch a bunch of kids having fun playing in the snow.


    woah woah I just missed that. Token, did you just call the current government socialistic? Dude the current PM used to be Reform, which is roughly the Canadian equivalent to Libertarian. If you think that Canada is homogeneously socialist, you’re ignant.
    As for crappy hospitals, once when I living in the States I got so sick and I was on my death bed, practically. Now my family growing up was quite wealthy and had great insurance and stuff and I stay in a waiting room for a good 18 hours till we finally went home. However, in Canada, I’ve never been in an Emergency waiting room for more than 1/2 hour.
    Oh, yes, and there’s also the increasing trend, in the US, for more and more doctors to specialize in lifestyle drugs. I mean, why even bother with an HMO when you could get payed four times the amount inventing a new diet pill. Just remember that the next time some family member gets cancer, all the greatest medical minds in your country are working on a cure for baldness.


    And I missed that to:
    When I was that age in Winter (16, they seemed), we would smoke up and have conversations, or smoke up and play hockey and go sledding. Hell, I remember playing snow baseball a few times. We were exercising our minds and bodies and gaining valuable life experience while having fun. You can’t tell me that hitting a gravel-filled pile of snow on the side of some parking lot with a baseball bat can possibly develop character in any way. “HIT WITH CLUB!!” is more like what fucking cavemen did, not civilized people.


    I think this picture applies to these comments:


    Caio, are you sure you didn’t stumble into these guys in Montana?



    Example of a recent conversation I had a with a Russian:
    …Russian, “Why does the United States hate Russia so much?”
    …me, “Uh, we really don’t. Not since the Cold War at least.”
    …Russian, “Oh, well we hate your country.”
    I think this is indicative of how many countries feel toward the United States. In general we just don’t care to learn about the rest of the world (which IS unfortunate), and everyone else is way too informed about us from news and media.

    I generally agree with you, but some kids were playing with snow, and you seek to deride our entire country because of it? I saw a German guy slapping his girlfriend the other day before my friends and I stepped in. (Not that it matters, but my friends were French and Romanian). Should I then conclude all Germans are wife beaters, or more naturally that this is an isolated incidence?
    Also, I’m for health care, but it isn’t always a good thing in socialist countries. (Not calling Canada socialist, sad that I may need to point that out). Health care in Germany, France, or Britain? Pretty good. Spain or Italy? I hope I’m never in a life threatening situation in those countries.


    My sister once was in an emergency room in Seville when her friend got sick, and she said homeless people were using it for shelter and in the corner of the room was a pile of *dried* puke that had been there for who knows how long and there were also other unidentifiable stains all over the place. Fuckin gross. So in the face of that gross inadequacy at least Portugal’s marginal inadequacy has something over the Spanish.
    Paul, I know the snow thing seems like a generalization, but I saw it TWICE, both times I’ve been down there this year. That’s too much to be a coincidence. And I’m pretty sure it was separate kids.


    Question to feed my own curiosity:

    How old is everyone here?


    Perhaps they got the idea from Calvin & Hobbes?
    When we were 15 my friends and I used to throw a sword in the air screaming “FREEDOM!” trying to recreate the scene from Braveheart. Now we’re college grads, and I got a nice job in Europe. It’s best to not judge people on their behavior in high school or below.


    I dunno, all the exchange students we got in my neck of the woods liked it, said that everyone around them made them feel welcome and the whole year/six months was a positive experience, whereas any one of my friends who has traveled abroad has been met with derision and scorn.

    so, perhaps the problem is that Americans are not well represented by the Government that people abroad judge them for?
    Prejudce sucks, no matter what country you’re from, and i would say: sure, if any of my foreign brothers or sisters run into an American who acts like a dick, then yeah- kick his ass, call him a prick, do whatever the situation merits, but don’t turn the asshole light on just because a body comes from the USA.


    Whoa, whoa whoa, Elzarco. We don’t appreciate common sense around here. Try and keep that crap to a minimum.


    I remember how on 9/11 and 12 the newspaper printed out little American flags and there were paper flags in every house and car window in the city. For the next year or so, US flags were a common sight in Canada and Portugal alike and even those who disagreed with the Afghanistan thing understood it and weren’t too vocal. US was probably more popular than it’s ever been. I also remember that on September 12th, Four US Senators got together and demanded something be done about Canada for letting terrorists into the United States, strongly suggesting sanctions. Of course they just guessed where the terrorists came from.
    Then the Republicans started planning out Iraq. I’m talking about before the invasion itself, but, like, when Bush was announcing it and such. Yeah, France and a few countries openly condemned Iraq, but for the most part, countries disagreed and didn’t want to be involved in COW. From that moment onward the Republics – especially Senators – started to openly threaten countries that wouldn’t join the effort, copping this with-us or against-us shit that we haven’t seen since the 1950s. I remember every day the newspaper looked like this: “US Senator Southern Fat Hick has called Estonia the greatest terrorist holding house in the history of the world composed of 100% terrorists and has called for its nuclear annihilation.” There was literally a checklist of countries that didn’t join cow, all of which were threatened by the Republicans one by one. All in all it’s ironic that Bush used the word ‘Willing’ when him and his party were so frequently threatening European and Asian nations to get them to join.
    I don’t know how much you America’s heard about the various US Senators making direct and indirect threats against every country that wouldn’t join COW, but we heard a lot about it in other countries. No one likes to be threatened or pushed around: US doesn’t like to be pushed around by Arabs, and the world doesn’t like being pushed around by US, especially for not joining an alliance which no previous treaty has specified.
    I realize that it was the Politicians, not the Americans, who made the big fuss about COW, but after that had long started it was *you people* who reelected them. Thanks a lot.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “*you people* who reelected them”
    Except that many of us didn’t. I didn’t vote for Bush, the state that I live in had all of its delegates go to Kerry, the congressional delegation from my state is overwhelmingly against the war. From an individual perspective, there in practically nothing that I can do to change the outcome.
    “The world hates America” is a meme that is blown way out of proportion. Most of the people I work with are from other countries (mostly Russia and China) and I’ve traveled quite a bit in South America and Europe. I’ve never had someone treat me differently because I’m American, in a negative way. I’ve hung out with Cubans while backpacking in Peru and we joked around a bit, but there was definitely no animosity. There are a lot of people that are angry about the policies of the US government, true, but most people are smart enough to separate that from how they feel about individual Americans.
    We get more flak because of the busloads of fat, rude tourists than anything political.

    Alec Dalek

    It’s not too late. If the Americans were elect someone like Obama and pull all their troops from places they’re not wanted, then after some time they could go back to the status they had earlier in the 20th century. We might even stop making fun of you behind your back.


    Ron Paul is the only one who’ll Stop the Madness overseas.

    if he got any damned airtime through the first half of the primaries & caucuses the american sheeple would have heard his message by now and he would prolly have some fucking delegates.

    AlecDalek hit it right on the head in post #1. if we got the fuck out of about 100 countries, the world would be a safer place.

    but we arm everyone and instigate a bunch of bullshit and try to tell our neighbor how to live his life-no wait, we invade your fucking country and blow the shit out of your neighborhoods.

    but Alek is retarded in post #27 if he thinks Obama will “change” a fucking thing.

    all these fucking PIRATES that we ‘elect’ are bought and paid for. bought and paid for by corporations. the same corporations who run the banks. the same corporations who make the bombs and planes and tanks and rifles. the same corporations who are soaked in petroleum. the same corporations who run the mainstream media mental masturbation machine.


    www.opensecrets.org is a kick ass site that lets you see who gives what to who in many facets of politics.

    with the click of a mouse you can see the top donors to each candidate.

    HILLARY CLINTON top donors:
    DLA Piper $471,750
    Goldman Sachs $413,361
    Morgan Stanley $362,700
    Citigroup Inc $350,895
    Lehman Brothers $241,870
    JP Morgan Chase & Co $214,880
    EMILY’s List $213,266
    National Amusements Inc $210,010
    Kirkland & Ellis $179,676
    Greenberg Traurig Llp $177,800
    Skadden, Arps et al $167,796
    Merrill Lynch $165,042
    Cablevision Systems $145,313
    Time Warner $144,977
    Microsoft Corp $143,459
    Bear Stearns $141,835
    Latham & Watkins $138,598
    Patton Boggs $137,200
    Ernst & Young $126,865
    PricewaterhouseCoopers $121,939

    BARACK OBAMA top donors:
    Goldman Sachs $421,763
    Ubs Ag $296,670
    Lehman Brothers $250,630
    National Amusements Inc $245,843
    JP Morgan Chase & Co $243,848
    Sidley Austin LLP $226,491
    Citigroup Inc $221,578
    Exelon Corp $221,517
    Skadden, Arps Et Al $196,420
    Jones Day $181,996
    Harvard University $172,324
    Citadel Investment Group $171,798
    Time Warner $155,383
    Morgan Stanley $155,196
    Google Inc $152,802
    University of California $143,029
    Jenner & Block $136,565
    Kirkland & Ellis $134,738
    Wilmerhale Llp $119,245
    Credit Suisse Group $118,250

    JOHN MCCAIN top donors:
    Merrill Lynch $155,950
    Citigroup Inc $153,362
    Blank Rome LLP $141,401
    Greenberg Traurig LLP $130,587
    Goldman Sachs $85,252
    Univision Communications $82,000
    IDT Corp $79,250
    Bank of New York Mellon $74,000
    Bridgewater Assoc $72,100
    MGM Mirage $70,400
    Irvine Co Apartment Community $66,100
    JP Morgan Chase & Co $65,485
    Credit Suisse Group $65,000
    Pinnacle West Capital $64,000
    Lehman Brothers $63,450
    Wachovia Corp $58,675
    Cisco Systems $56,650
    Morgan Stanley $55,701
    Blackstone Group $47,950
    MacAndrews & Forbes $45,00

    RON PAUL top donors:
    US Army $68,817
    US Navy $57,076
    US Air Force $52,371
    Google Inc $51,382
    Microsoft Corp $46,079
    US Postal Service $31,054
    Lockheed Martin $26,754
    Boeing Co $24,388
    At&T Inc $22,398
    IBM Corp $19,177
    Verizon Communications $18,399
    Hewlett-Packard $18,014
    Apple Inc $17,314
    Intel Corp $16,751
    Northrop Grumman $16,067
    General Electric $15,788
    General Dynamics $15,584
    Cisco Systems $14,702
    US Dept of Defense $14,338
    Wachovia Corp $14,231

    Look at all the common donors these fucks have.

    the system is so broke it can never be fixed.

    america had a good run, but it’s prolly over…


    The blue star (skull) field is on the wrong side…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “the system is so broke it can never be fixed.
    america had a good run, but it’s prolly over…”
    With attitudes like that, yeah. Here’s a tip: the politics du jour should not affect you own individual happiness and well-being. The biggest problem that the US is going to face in the next ten years is that 2/3 of the country is in debt way beyond their means to pay off. So if you’ve been half-way smart and haven’t racked up the credit cards and read the fine print on your mortgage, you should be able to ride this shit out. And if you’re really smart, you’ll start looking at some of the types of businesses that tend to have growth during recessions and position your investments to actually profit from the situation. natedog, the underlying point of libertarianism is that YOU are responsible for your own life and should neither expect the government to hand deliver your happiness nor blame the government for you misery (assuming they’re not literally stomping on your face).
    In an ideal world, I would like my government to act in a moral and responsible way and I will continue to vote for the candidates that reflect that. But realistically, the USA could collapse in a catastrophe worse than the fall of Rome and the Civil War combined and I would just get on with my life. I guess I’m not very patriotic.


    Holy shit ITT: Zhuangzi vs. Confucius. Reboot have you considered that, instead of investing, you should just start contemplating your Ich und Du with trees and watching fish in streams? srrsly dude


    Well about spanish health care, it’s said to be one of the top 10 in the world.

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