Stripper Bear

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    MUST HAVE ONE! Where can you get them?


    That pic was stolen from the Vermont Teddy Bear website. Hand crafted teddy bears that you can send to your loved one at work so every other catty female there can see how lucky she is to have such a thoughtful guy as you. last longer then flowers and frankly just as expensive for some models. They even have a pirate bear, sadly no ninja bear though.

    website (no freeking html from me, copy paste you lazy bastards)


    okie dokie, guess it automatically makes the link clickable.

    tiki god

    Don’t be a dick.
    “stolen”? that makes me think of the “TIKI GOR YUR A FUCIN THEIF” thing that happened a couple months ago. Thievery implies that they didn’t want anyone to see their product, which they most obviously do. Thank you for the link though, it’s like to know how to order my next stalking victim a present!


    Not meaning you stole it, meaning the watermark at the bottom isn’t from the manufacturers website. Have a beer or 5 and lets chill.