Salvia Divinorum


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    Alec Dalek

    This stuff may be completely legal (at least here in Canada), but stay away, stay far way. The problem with this stuff is once your “trip” starts, you forget that you took it and have no idea what the FUCK is going on.
    I smoked it once. All of a sudden I was in some strange universe I can’t really describe. I didn’t know what I was doing there, and couldn’t remember who I was, but I was aware that I shouldn’t be there. It seemed like an eternity, but the trip only lasted about 5 minutes, apparently (I had a trip sitter). When I finally came out of it, I was terrified I might go back, but thankfully it was over.
    At least with Acid or Shrooms you know you’re tripping.


    Yeah, I should caution anybody who would try this. Be sure you have a sitter. I know a friend that had a friend that died from doing this stuff a couple months ago. He got confused and ended up falling off his 2nd floor apartment and died of head trauma.


    Alec, keep in mind that everyone’s body’s are different. I took this stuff once. It wasn’t that bad, although don’t try to pick your girlfriend up 10 minutes after. Anyway, Alaska is trying to make it illegal. No loss here.


    Oh yeah, the 10X extract isn’t something to laugh at though.

    Alec Dalek

    I had the 20x. Apparently I kept getting up and walking to another place to sit, over and over again. At least I didn’t meet it Salvia Goddess people talk about.


    I tried 50x with a few friends, one bowl gave us all a nice trip. I thought I was lost in yesterday.


    Some good nfo here if anybody wants to try some. Be sure to read everything carefully though.

    purple banana

    It’s actually the psychoactive cousin of the mint and thyme family… It’s non-toxic, but if you get freaked out even after just being really stoned, you might not want to try it.

    Other than that, coolest 15 minutes of my LIFE.


    15 minutes? Lucky. Mine lasted about 2 minutes, if that. I couldn’t sit on our couch because I thought it was made of water.


    I love it, it’s an awesome trip. But once I thought I was a wooden puppet in Goldilocks and the three bears’ house. Good times…

    My boyfriend thought he was Optimus Prime, and he was playing bass in an all Transformer concert. Oh, and another time he felt like his body was a suit of armor.


    still can’t believe this is legal and pot isn’t.


    Diabeetus – Name or it didn’t happen.
    Last time I did this I woke up from reality, amazed that i actually believed it was real and then the windows media player visualisation cut the entire universe in two.
    It’s strong stuff but lasts no time at all and is almost anti-addictive.


    What a county! THE MOST POWERFULL hallucinigen known to mankind- but only last 10mins to an hour. It works by completely fogging your nerve receptors in your brain-thus making you completly mentally numb. if u’ve done this you’ll notice it starts at your fingers. thats because the nerves in the cotex are flipped off like a light switch then back on- feels like diving through a painless cactus. HAVE A SITTER! you don’t want to run naked to your mom yelling “WTF? WTF? WTF?” but you’ll be back to normal in an hour or so.


    Its like that commercial where that girl is a puddle on her sofa and they claim “marijuana did this” WRONG!!!! Salvia D. X 10 will do Exactly that!


    hah this stuff as a great strip but it truly is anti-addictive. I used a brass pipe, don’t do this, the trip is so short any flavor in your mouth doesn’t have time to dissipate and alters the entire trip. I became a thin film over a stack of cups and was intimately aware of every surface of each cup inside and around the other cups.

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