The Axe Effect: Hillary for Obama

clinton-axe.jpg (35 KB)

If only it were this easy…

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    Luke Magnifico

    Ya know, personally, I find Obama more sexually attractive than Hillary.

    Alec Dalek

    I think the part that’s the most frightening about Hillary is she seems to be way more interested just in getting the job and keeping up with Bill and being the first female (well mostly) president, than actually wanting to make a difference. . With Obama I get the opposite vibe. It’s not about being the first Black president, he actually wants to fix the country, and I respect that. Same with Ron Paul. . We all know Ron Paul won’t get the nomination (because of how the system works), but wouldn’t it be awesome is Obama chose him as… Read more »


    ron paul would be awesome if you don’t like clean air or water. libertarianism is great on social issues, but corporations need to be regulated. i’d never invite a corporation to my pool party, it would pee in the pool and give everyone cancer as a door prize.