Red Alert 3 Is So, So Real

redalert3.jpg (195 KB)

Next month’s PC Gamer cover spread showing off C&C Red Alert 3.

My old Windows machine can’t run this but I’m in awe.

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    I really like the C&C and RA series, but I laughed in a kind of “that’s soooo true” way when I heard a reviewer mention EA’s strategy of releasing the same game again every couple of years. Most companies do this, but I had never sat down and thought about these series before.

    Either way, if this is for real, I can’t wait 😛


    EA does nothing but take awesome series and denigrate them. This will suck like the rest of their shlock does.


    They were responsible for that fucking piece of crap goddamned SimCity4. It’s like, strip all the charm of the old games, replace them with an elaborate and fancy and beautiful giant map and map editing features and online crap which are completely useless, but then they make the actual game – the part you’ll spend more than a few seconds looking at – the most *ugly* repetitive, bland, pointless, meaningless exercise in extreme autism simulation ever. It’s like trying to play the weather channel, without the weather, and less interactivity. The reviewers who gave that a good rating must have… Read more »


    I know the old saying that all RTS games are basically the same, but I enjoyed C&C3:TW greatly. The world is what really sets RTS apart.

    That said, nothing will ever be as good as Total Annihilation (although, I haven’t played Supreme Commander, I hear it has at least one of the same developers). TA just blows the pants off of everything, ultimate replayability through easily implemented modifications.