Beer Money

7 bill.jpg (367 KB)

A Canadian $7 bill from Molson’s Bank, the same Molson’s that runs the brewery.

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    Am I the only one who thinks the site is broken? 🙁
    ‘Show Comments’ is now a link, it doesn’t just fold out, and I can’t get the the second page.
    Also, $7 for a beer? I hope that’s not true, for your sake. I pay £1.50 at the student bar 😉


    Yeah tiki had to turn basically everything off to keep the site up because of the digg effect.


    Also apparently he turned back time, since numb7rs actually posted before i did.


    Humbug! Who actually uses digg? Not anyone sensible with stubleupon and such out there. Digg is an insidious social networking tool for marginalist political bloggers humbug.


    Tiki’s been messing with the time/space continuum again.
    Also, Digg should send out warning emails so that people can put more hamsters in the servers when traffic’s going to get high.

    tiki god

    read the post content again. It’s beer money because it’s printed by a beer company

    Carbon Copy

    A 7$ note? what will Canada think of next? Sick communists, all of them.