My Degree


Enabled me to begin my career path four years later then my peers!

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    Don’t most fields allow you the ability to get jobs while you’re in school? Or at least during the off parts of the year?

    I know some IT companies will work around school schedules.


    Signed, signed, and signed.


    It depends how well-planned you are. The only degree that wont get you a job is one in English. If I were an employer and an English Major handed me a resumée, I would throw it away and spit in their face for being such a burden on humanity. . If you want to get a degree in something other than Law or Medicine, plan ahead and don’t expect a six-figure salary. You’re planning for a job you love, not a career or bling. Also, consider going for your PhD. If you’re already doing a fun degree (for lack of… Read more »


    I am an English Major… yeah, the degree is weak on its own, but is great if you have another skill with which to combine it. I am in Law school, and English was fairly helpful.


    Being 4 years behind your peers isnt necessarily a bad thing, but you have to be careful. I was making 35-40k a year out of highschool. After 4 years in college with an English degree I was looking at making 50k (maxing at about 65k). But add just 3 more years and the salary can more than double to more like 100k-150k.
    I went to an amusement park, and the women who was selling the parking tickets had a college degree…


    I’m making some damn good money, and am currently working and living in Germany. It’s possible. It’s just amazing how many resume you turn in at the beginning where they look at your degree and ask, “Do you have any experience?”
    Luckily, with the same ability that got me through college I was able to quickly climb rank (and make some damn good enemies of middle aged men), it’s just frustrating in that it *seems* at first to not make a damn difference.
    Also, it’s humor, not a maxim
    tl;dr The internet is serious business.


    MTTS ftw!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    A pysch degree and philosophy degree is way more useless than an English degree. English majors can go on to be editors. . I have my MFA and outside of throwing it in the faces of uneducated assholes it’s really only served as an excuse to get shitfaced 6 nights a week for 5 years. The most valuable thing I learned in university was how to build a gravity bong. . That said while the degree has meant sweet fuck all the knowledge has been extremely valuable. University teaches you to be knowledgeable. Being book smart better enables you to… Read more »


    In retrospect, I think some of my job-finding on degree-alone success might come from living in a thriving rural area. I quickly got two qualified jobs with no experience in the field, but I live in a small town with a good tourist economy. So I change my advice: When you get out of uni, move to the middle of nowhere. Anyone with a even a six-month diploma can get a job out here. Don’t know how you city folk do it.


    4 years masters degree, 3 years PhD. Finishing the masters this year, starting the PhD (technically its a D.Phil) in August. Chemistry is piss easy.

    beep beep

    Philosophy BA here. Well, almost. This summer it will be a done deal. Going for my Master’s in Italian and Library Science, because philosophy really, really sucks or it’s awesome but the people teaching it/taking the classes really, really suck. In fact, I think philosophy should have stopped after Wittgenstein. Everything after him can be classified in another subject anyway. I’m not going to make a crapton of money (nor do I want to). I want to be happy and have a job that I like doing. My parents make a crapton of money, but they work +60 hours a… Read more »


    This picture just rubs salt in a fresh wound of mine. I’m doing a gap year placement, working for a software company, and I was offered a job worth £35k a year, aimed to be a full career w/ perks, but as I was under pressure to make a decision quickly I turned it down in order to start my degree next year. My current financial situation saddens me further 🙁